The End of Polarity

by Jennifer Hoffman -

This has been a time of shifting perceptions, new and different definitions of reality, learning acceptance and transcending our focus on isolation in the material world to one that integrates the spiritual with the material.

It has been hard work and we have accomplished much. 

With the movement into different vibrations and levels of being and access to new dimensions come profound changes in our reality and in ourselves. 

These new dimensions contain a much different energy than we are used to and create unlimited choices and opportunities.

On a large scale it is the end of polarity and the beginning of connection. While we look forward to this change, the end of polarity has profound implications for how we think, speak, act and live.

The end of polarity is an end of separation and we are able to reconnect to Source on levels we have never experienced before. It is an end of living through hope and taking responsibility for our creation and its transformation.

It is an end of judgment, criticism and comparison and being aware of the importance of each individual path as part of the collective journey. It is an end of powerlessness and the opportunity to be powerful. 

All of these things are possible if we choose them by allowing polarity to end and to remember that we are all One. What a wonderful opportunity for all of humanity to recognize the divinity in all.

The end of polarity releases us from the victim paradigm that we have lived under for eons of humanity's experience on earth.

Where we once felt we did not have choices, others ‘made' us do things, we were ‘forced' into ways of being or we lacked control, we now have the opportunity to reverse that thinking and enforce our spiritual birthright of joy, peace and unconditional love in our own life. 

As we know, when we transform our way of being we disconnect to any energies that are not on that level and reconnect to others.

We have a choice to do this and to respect each person's choice for their path. With the end of polarity we recognize the power in all and honor others' choices.

We understand that others cannot force us to do anything-and we cannot force others to do anything as well.

Polarity is the central focus of the world we live in. 

We describe others as richer or poorer than we are, better or worse off, with more or fewer attributes and gifts.

We applaud the person who runs the fastest race and pity the loser. We celebrate the rich and famous and wish to be like them. 

Without polarity none of these things is important. 

We recognize the inherent divinity in all and know that each person contributes their part to the whole and each part is important.

No person's contribution is greater or less than that of any other. More importantly, without polarity we become as one and are all the same. Are we ready to relinquish our need for heroes and role models, which exist within polarity?

The end of polarity is also the end of karma, karmic cycles and soul contracts and the beginning of manifesting through creation. 

We have been experiencing the end of soul contracts and karma as we end relationships and energies that have run their course for us.

Polarity defines these emotional interchanges as the way in which we seek revenge or atonement for the harm others do to us. Without polarity there is no reason for karma because there is no energy to keep the karma in motion.

The end of polarity is the beginning of unconditional love, where we are without judgment of ourselves and of others. 

But unconditional love begins in our own life and we must decide whether we are going to continue our love/hate relationship with ourselves, which is where we do the most damage. How can we accept the divinity and perfection of all if we do not believe that of ourselves? 

It is the end of the darkest energies that we have experienced in our history, war, genocide, discrimination and persecution of others because of race, gender, culture and national origin.

Without polarity we recognize that we are the ‘other' and they are us. 

Can we be the light we wish to see in the world and lead by our example and spiritual practice? We must if we are to participate in our mass exodus from polarity into connection.

Our ability to accept the end of polarity will determine the next step on our individual and collective path. 

As we become more connected our willingness to live within the dimension of unconditional love, where we practice our spiritual knowledge that allows us to step into the higher vibration of spiritual mastery and miraculous living is the new reality. 

It is a profound transformation that invites us to acknowledge our own divinity and learn to appreciate ourselves within our own magnificence. It is a new spiritual practice for all of us, one that requires us to ‘walk our talk.' 

Our willingness to create the end of polarity, because we have created the space for this energy, is what will allow it to manifest and grow into the new consciousness, a new way of being for humanity. 

It is our graduation into new dimensions of being and proof that we remember and are now ready to be ‘home' on earth.