Listening for Spirit Guides and Angels

by Norma Gentile -

Do you hear your guides or angels sing to you? Most of us would answer 'no'.

Have you noticed tones, either low or high pitched, in one ear but not the other? Or ringing that seems to come from inside your ears?

Try this simple process. 

As you are reading, notice any three sounds in the background - traffic, a TV or radio, conversation, birds...anything within earshot. Now listen underneath these audible sounds.

Start by noticing what the sound is like right next to you, at the entrance to your ears. 
  • What do you hear or even feel? 
  • Does your sense of your body change? 
  • Now listen to what you are hearing inside of your ears. 
  • Is the sound or the silence the same inside the right ear as the left ear or different?
  • Finally bring your attention to the point between your ears, in the center of your head. 
What changes do you notice in what you hear, how your body feels, or your overall quality of attention?

Since you have started reading this article, do you have a keener awareness of the sounds around you? Is your body finding this increased awareness relaxing, or are you growing more irritated by these background sounds?

Here is a perfect example of how the external world affects us in a constant and ongoing fashion.

Equivalently, we often react to circumstances based on the way they are making us feel, rather than based on how we would like them to feel.

Simply put, we react to external stimuli, rather than act upon internal guidance. Listening to the outer world, we found a variety of sounds moving through our bodies as well as our ears. 

What about the inner world? 

Focusing on the sounds or qualities of silence present in ourselves provides us with a reference point for our own spiritual self.

What you give your attention to grows. 

As you give your attention to the inner silence or tones, you consciously affirm your connection with those guides and angels that dwell with you.

These sounds or even silences, are the bridges that span the dimensions between worlds.

Now put this into action. 

Bring your attention to the point within or near your ears that seemed the most active for you. Address the sound or silence as you would a new aquaintance, with respect and a bit a curiosity. 

Ask the sound or silence for one thing it would like to convey to you. Chances are it will be a simple, yet important idea.

The information might also be given to you as a color, a smell, or even a momentary sensation of warmth or motion.

After receiving the message, thank the sound or silence for its generosity and all that it has given you. 

Suggest that it move on to wherever it needs to go to now for its own continued evolutionary growth. Take a moment to see it leave, moving into the Earth, the Sun or perhaps out into the Universe.

Now how does the area of your ears feel? Does your body overall feel different? Did you release some energy in a sigh, large breath or yawn?

By noticing any changes, you give yourself greater permission to do this again - afterall - something happened!

Guides and angels often are perceived as tones or qualities of silence inside of the ears. Sometimes tinitus or ringing in the ears is caused by the presence of these beings too close to the physical body.

Guides do not have bodies and it is up to us, as physical beings to let them know when we are uncomfortable with the way they are connecting to us.

By bringing your attention to the tone, you are in essence 'dialing' the guide's 'phone number'. 

By thanking them and asking them to leave, you are telling them (and yourself) to be sure to 'hang up' after the conversation.

When you take private time for prayer or meditation, try listening not only to the music you enjoy of the external world but to the inner world also.