Letting Love Re-Invent You

by Scott and Shannon Peck - 

It’s so easy for relationships to get bogged down, for a job or a career to become a burden or to just feel stuck in your life? How can you break through to a higher place?

We challenged ourselves this past month with just that question and even choose this theme for one of our on-going workshops. Here are some of the inspiring answers that emerged for us.

To begin with, listen deeply to your heart and your gut intuition. 

What is screaming within you to be resolved? 

Tuning in to yourself with great attention is a very needed act of love – loving yourself. Sometimes we don’t listen to our hearts because the pain is too much.

Sometimes we don’t listen to our dreams because we think they are impossible. But if we don’t listen within, nothing much is going to improve in our lives.

And now the big one: Ask Love. 

What does divine love have to say about your life? What is love asking, begging and guiding you to do to move your life higher?

Yes, this means you can have a personal relationship with love, Spirit, a Higher Power, whatever you might call it.

You can listen to guidance from the highest possible source. This act of turning to divine love softens and melts the ego with it’s screams for power, control or a force-it-to-happen mentality. 

Love’s answer to your heart will always come if you ask. 

It won’t come by email, but it will come through your intuition and knowing. Pay attention. Love often presents itself softly. Yet love’s answer may be an even bolder idea than you’ve imagined.

So now the question becomes one of courage. Do you have the courage to act on love’s guidance? There’s no question it takes courage to move our lives higher.

We’ve observed several participants in our workshops this past year listen to love, get the message and have extraordinary courage to face up to relationships that were not really delivering love in their lives. In some cases, this led to improved relationships. In other cases, this led to divorce – and freedom from the suffering.

When we act courageously to take a step higher in our lives, we need to be honest. 

Lives of mediocrity flow from stuffing down our feelings and not speaking up. When we are honest, we shake, even overturn, the apple cart.

Honesty brings clarity – and healing. But honesty without love can create more disaster than healing. 

As you let your heart speak openly about your needs and your new decisions, do it with love. Find the compassion to match the passion of your honesty.

Shannon recalls a period in her life when she was completely devastated. Her ex-husband had left her and her daughter, without warning, announcing at Thanksgiving dinner that he was leaving and wouldn’t be back.

For months, Shannon was in shock. The event had thrown her into a massive re-invention of herself and her life. 

It was time to think through everything from scratch. 

What did she want out of life? Did she want to remarry at some point? How could she regain the deep-seated feeling of inner peace and emotional security once again? Would she ever trust a man again? These questions didn’t yet have answers.

Shannon spent many months quietly listening to her inner voice, intuiting her soul’s destiny and slowly healing.

She felt like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly and that she was in the larvae stage, cocooning. The old life and family structure were now buried. What her life would look like after her divorce remained to be seen.

Within a year of great soul searching and prayer, Shannon went on a date with Scott. Only then did she begin to realize the massive undertaking that divine love had created in order to reinvent her. For the first time, she received the love she deserved from a man who actually had an ocean of welled-up love to give. 

His perpetual empathy and kindness showed how far love would go in order to make her feel deeply appreciated and understood.

We laughed throughout our wonderful courtship of fun, play and the greatest conversations on earth of immense spirituality and getting to know each other on every level.

Life took on a new meaning. We became best friends. Trust was and the feelings of security and inner peace returned. She was better than new!

Our marriage led Shannon to move to San Diego and together we began to write books, develop courses and establish a non-profit organization – TheLoveCenter – dedicated to helping all humanity find the love that they also deserved.

This is the magnitude of Love’s reinvention. 

And it’s waiting for each of us. Love does nothing small. Love’s ultimate plan is to reveal itself on Earth, through each awakened heart. This includes you! Welcome to the heart of love.