The Gift of Remembrance

by Carrie Hart -

Angel Blessings:

Right now, high above you, the angels are gathering. They are gathering to bestow a blessing upon you. So now wherever you are, take a deep breath and prepare yourself to receive their blessing.

If you look up, you will see them. Beautiful angels in white flowing robes, their dazzling white wings fluttering, their golden halos glowing. And each of them carries a bag of golden silk. It is a woven bag, and you can see that inside the bag are swirling particles of gold and white light that contain the great blessings they are about to pour down upon you.

Now they gather in a circle above your head. And as they sing, they each dip a hand inside their silken bag and pull out blessings, little sparkling light particles that they toss into the center of the circle and that now slowly and gently drift down and cover you.

Handful after handful of sparkling light, tossed out into the circle, drifting down and covering you: 

  • A handful of love, which flows straight to your heart, opening it wide and filling it completely.   

  • A handful of clarity, clearing your mind of all worries and regrets and readying it for truth.   

  • A handful of wisdom, which goes into your mind, filling it with knowledge and guidance.   

  • A handful of peace, now floating down to you, that calms your entire body, eliminates all anxiety and settles in the deep pool of peace in your center. 

  • A handful of compassion, clearing your heart and mind of judgment. A handful of courage and confidence that runs down your spine, making you stand taller.  

  • A handful of talent, to enhance the talents you have and make them shine out even more brightly. 

  • A handful of creativity, to remind you of the vast stores of creativity within you. A handful of joy, to lighten and brighten you heart.  

  • A handful of deep connection, to lift you up into spirit, to raise you to the level of oneness and let you know that you are all of this, right now and always, ever and never-ending.

Now you stand, full of these wonderful qualities, enhanced in your essential self, a finer, truer version of yourself but yet still yourself. The angels sing your praises. They sing of their gratitude that you are here, walking the earth.

 For each moment that you are truly aware of your greatness and power, each moment that you embrace the finer qualities of yourself and allow yourself to shine out is a moment that enhances and lifts everyone on the entire earth.

For we are all one. Spirit is oneness and connection. 

Your shine is a shine for all; the light you glow lightens and brightens all of us. Your love, enhanced and glowing, allowed to flow freely into the world, touches each and every one of us in our hearts.

Now we thank the angels for this gift of remembrance, for allowing us to shine out in our truth and beauty, our true light and wonder, just as we truly are.

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