The Fullness of Power

by Jennifer Hoffman - 


You are at your most powerful when you are quiet, watchful and waiting for things to unfold. It is when you are silent that you are expressing your faith and trust in the Universe and in yourself. Your words and thoughts are powerful but your ability to be silent is equally powerful.

Whether you are expressing a desire or speaking to another person, when the results do not come immediately you are not acting more powerfully when you continue to ask and insist. Miracles manifest in the silence of your faith and trust.

When you are in a state of constant dialogue, either within yourself or with others, you are expressing your fear and doubt. You are also not able to hear the messages of your guides and angels because they speak to you from your silence. The mind will provide you with many reasons why you are powerless and ineffective.

Being able to silence these thoughts and be quietly faithful and trusting is the only way to realize the fullness of your power.

The space in which you can be silent is the place where you connect to the unconditional love and abundance of the Universe. 

In this space you know that your needs are always met and that you are loved unconditionally. When you cannot be comfortable in the silence you are out of the space of faith and trust.

When you can be silent, not asking or reminding the Universe of what you asked for, not impatient or demanding, you strengthen your Source connection.

The space of silence is also the space of gratitude because you know that you already have your heart's desires and as you accept your power you can choose other things. 

The promise of unconditional love and unlimited abundance in all good things is always there for you and it manifests when you can be silent, allowing your faith and trust to speak for you. This week, practice being in silence. 

When doubt and fear are present remember that your requests have been heard and are being acted upon. They are on their way to you and you can show your faith and trust by being silent, waiting and watching for your miracles to appear.

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