Awakening Enthusiasm

by Cynthia Sue Larson -

My favorite days are the ones when I am full of enthusiasm and confidence that no matter what is unfolding, everything is going to be fine. The challenge for most of us is to get and stay enthused even when events seem to conspire to interfere with our plans.

How can we feel consistently positive and enthusiastic when facing people, places and things that energetically bring us down?

THE KEY to awakening and revitalizing enthusiasm is to reacquaint ourselves with our values, identity and sense of purpose. Having faith in meaningfully helping others can give us confidence and a broader view of the world around us.

Switching Gears 

We have much to gain by understanding that our brains sometimes recall information inaccurately, and that we are interpreting events based on our own (possibly misguided) memories of past events. Noting that we might just as easily focus our attention on what is going well and what we are enthusiastic about, rather than on the wet blankets and nay-sayers in our midst, it is then possible to choose to be happy, no matter what.

Recent studies by neurological scientists report that our grip on reality is slim and that more than 20% of the time, people think they have imagined words they have actually been shown or reported that they had seen words which in fact they had just imagined.

These findings by Dr. Paul Burgess and his colleagues at the University College of London demonstrate just how difficult it can be to discriminate information from the outside world with our internal, malleable memory maps.

While as the authors suggest, we can sometimes encounter the dark shadow side of this blurring between imagination and actual memories that can lead to mistaken eyewitness identification and false testimony, this kind of inner uncertainty also provides us with a tremendous gift: a mental mechanism similar to the clutch on our car which allows us to switch gears, so we might more easily move from one reality to another.

Mind Programming 

The marvelous ability we humans have to maintain an element of uncertainty is what I consider to be one of the primary factors enabling us to have miraculous shifts in reality where money, food, gas, and other necessary items appear seemingly out of the blue exactly when needed. 

Just as the nature of how something is observed will influence how quanta "choose" whether to behave as particles or energy waves, so too does the way we humans review evidence of past experiences as either absolutes or probabilities influence our ability to fluidly shift between various realities.

The advantage of having supple minds is that we can more readily experience phenomenal synchronicities, coincidences, miracles, and enjoyable reality shifts in which we continually find out how good our lives can get, as we literally step from one universe into another. The challenge each of us faces is then primarily one of envisioning future worlds we would love to experience.

"It's faith in something and enthusiasm
for something that makes a life worth living."
--Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Nothing great was ever
achieved without enthusiasm."

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

"When you discover your mission,
you will feel its demand.
It will fill you with enthusiasm
and a burning desire
to get to work on it."

--W. Clement Stone

“Enthusiasm is excitement
with inspiration, motivation
and a pinch of creativity.”

--Bo Bennett

“Act enthusiastic and
you will be enthusiastic.”

--Dale Carnegie

“There is an eloquence
in true enthusiasm.”

--Edgar Allan Poe

“Enthusiasm is contagious.
Be a carrier.”

--Susan Rabin

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