Being Unlimited Love

by Nick Ralls -

SO many of us are hungry. Not for food... but for love. 

So many people are starved of love and it is so easy to see. Mother Teresa said the greatest hunger in the world was for love. So many of us suffer the pain of feeling unloved, feeling deprived of hugs, embraces, cuddles and daily exposure to warm smiles, kind words and being heard.

The greatest tragedy of our present times is possibly that so many people are afraid of being loving... either giving or receiving love. It is easy to grow up in a pattern of being shy about expressing love.
  • Some of us did not get the daily hugs that are so essential for our well being. 
  • Some of us did not get the tender embraces and the cuddles that would give us a sense of being loved. 
  • Some of us did not get a barrage of kind words as we grew up and went out into the world. 
  • Some of us discovered that growing up was about hostility, sometimes violent and aggressive behavior and sometimes cold silences that tore at our hearts. 
  • Some of us discovered the pain of loneliness, isolation and feeling apart from people... far too early. And some of us carry the scars right now.
In fact, most of us did not get enough hugs, enough embraces, enough cuddles, enough kind words and enough acceptance as we would have liked. Few people can say that they were loved too much. But is this a pattern we wish to repeat in our own lives... any longer?

So easy is it to repeat the pattern of not experiencing love... feeling more comfortable in situations where love is not openly expressed. So easy is it to repeat the pattern of running away from those who are willing to love us for fear that we will soon be rejected again.

The question begs: 
  • Do we wish to withhold hugs because they were withheld from us? 
  • Do we wish to withhold cuddles and embraces because we did not get them? 
  • Do we wish to refrain from telling our friends how much we loved them just because those words were scarce in our life? 
  • Do we wish to continue to isolate ourselves because that is what we were used to? 
  • Do we want the long silences? 
  • Do we want the lonely evenings? 
  • Do we want the disconnection?
If our answer is OF COURSE NOT... then we can break out from an existence that does not allow us connection, unity and closeness with others.

We need to recognize that love matters... and it begins with us. Clearly we have to become that which we want to see in our reality.

We have to be love in order for it to show up significantly in our lives.
  • If we want hugs, let us offer hugs to people. 
  • If we want cuddles and embraces, let us offer them to people in our lives. 
  • If we want kind words, let us give kind and loving words. 
  • If we want smiles and loving faces in our lives, we have to give out the smiles. 
  • If we want people to care about us, let us be caring. 
  • If we want people to include us in their lives, let us include others. 
  • If we want more friends, let us be a good friend.
OK so we might fear rejection... well, no one has the power to reject us. It is just that we cannot control the reaction of other people to us.

If we are not prepared to give love, how will we know if we are to get a loving response? If we are not prepared to offer love to those in our life can we expect a flow of loving appreciation to come in our direction? Of course not!

What we give out, we get back!

Sure we might not get it back from the person we crave it from, but the universe will always send us loving people so that we can receive that which we are! We just have to be unlimited.

There is simply no limit to the amount of love or the amount of people we can love as we go about our day to day life. 

Let's us not restrict love to those from whom we feel we have a desperate need for reciprocation or return in order to feel good but let us give out as much love to as many people as possible!

Let's give abundantly, so that we can receive abundantly.
  • Just how many loving thoughts can we think? 
  • Just how many smiles can we smile? 
  • Just how many kind words can we utter? 
  • Just how many loving sentences can we write? 
  • Just how many hugs, cuddles and embraces can we offer? 
  • Just how much can we care... help people... appreciate others?
Let us break the patterns of the past. 

Let us establish patterns of love so that we can express our love without limit, just rejoicing in our love and not fixated on the outcome, trusting that the universe will always return to us that which we give out.

Our joy is in.... being love. 

Our being in love. Joy indeed. Call it bliss. So dear and wonderful friend... do open your heart, share what is going on for you on this subject or any subject. I love you.

I break the patterns of the past so that I can both give and receive love. There is no limit to the amount of love I can give or the number of people I can give love to.  My love is not limited.