Set Your Dreams Free


by Ananda McIntosh -

A sweet angel of a girl I know, Laura, is a bird lover. She has such a beautiful relationship with birds. She speaks to them and they respond to her as if she is speaking their language.

We were exchanging emails about a local exotic bird business for sale that I felt would be of interest to her and she told me that she didn’t feel that is was a lucrative enterprise for her to invest in presently.

My response to her was, “passion is always lucrative.”

She said,
“How true! I once sold birds from my home, a species of lovebird that is known to be almost impossible to tame. I just loved the little creatures and felt sad every time one was sold. Many people have expectations of birds that the birds just can’t fulfill because it is not in their nature. As a result their owners grow tired of them. I wanted my babies to be as special to their owner as they were to me.”
After reading her reply I got a vision of a caged bird set free and I thought ideas are like birds caged in our very own minds.

Unless they are set free they cannot bring us what it is we want them to bring. Worry, doubt and fear actually keep our ideas caged in internal conflict.

This is not a healthy breeding ground for our creative expression. As I pondered this idea I liked the metaphor more and more. Ideas that are repressed are liked caged birds. They have potential or in the case of birds, they are wings to fly with. But what good are wings in a cage?

Thoughts are things. 

Thoughts caged in fear do nothing but fester within the mind of the thinker and eventually die. Laura’s birds are free. She lets them fly free as they were meant to. She gives them the freedom to be.

There is an old saying that,
“when you love something, set it free and if it is meant to be with you it will return. If not the love you sent with it will bless another.”

Imagine if just for a moment, what kind of life we could live if we would allow our dreams the freedom to become what they were meant to be?

Imagine what would happen if we sent out our ideas – our dreams, in love without fear, doubt or worry…just sent them out freely to be what they were meant to be. What kind of a world it would be? Can you see it?

Do you have a dream that you have been keeping in your mind for fear that it will not come true?

Set it free. 

Give it wings to fly and we know it with fly home to you fulfilled.