The Ever Evolving Human

by Danielle Garcia - 

Learning Without Pain:

Do you know the power that you have? Do you truly understand your abilities? We are here to remind you of the powerful beings that you are. It is only when you are in the states of fear or doubt that you forget, that you hide this knowledge in the recesses of your mind and heart.

Awaken for it is time to come out of hiding. It is time to put these untruths where they need to be – in the light of day. 

It is time to shed light upon all knowledge and let what no longer serves your purpose fall away to the wayside.

These are exciting times in which you exist. You have chosen to incarnate at just this time to assist in the next chapter of humanity. You all play an integral role in the evolution of your planet and your species. The changes that are happening now could not happen without each and every one of you. 

You are all connected. 

Every time one of you has what is presumed as a failure you all learn from it. Every time one of you reaches a new height of euphoria each of your hearts are opened even wider.

Now as you are diving deeply into the areas of your minds to release what no longer works for you, know that you are on the right path. No matter what hurts or traumas you uncover, know that what remains behind this darkness is pure light.

Your light is shining so brightly that these lower energies no longer suit your vibration and that is why these are coming forward.

They are being purged because they cannot exist in such beautiful beings of light. 

What may feel awkward and daunting and chaotic is only part of the process. It is merely a phase. It is a drop of water in a large ocean. An instant in your entire existence.

Keep moving through it. 

For it is the sheer act of movement that keeps you going. When you reside in the feelings of fear and sadness you become stuck and stagnant. 

Allow the emotions to come forth so they can be felt, so they can be honored. Allow the feelings to arrive at the surface where they can be released. 

You will know such a freedom when you experience this.

Your physical selves are evolving and changing. 

When you keep the emotions of past traumas and experiences inside, they manifest into the physical. These can become headaches, chronic disease and even cancer. It could be something as simple as a mis-alignment in your knee or as complicated as heart disease or organ failure.

As you experience the evolutionary changes in your physical selves, your anatomy, DNA and cellular structures are changing. It makes perfect sense then while you are feeling all shaken up then, doesn’t it? 

The traumas you have buried are coming to the surface as your physical bodies are being rewired.

The manifestation of the negative needs to be let go of within these new structures. You may experience many physical symptoms and illnesses while this is occurring and it will take some time to complete the process. But if you are aware of the process, you can allow this energy to flow through you and it will be much easier.

If you hold onto the cell memory of these physical manifestations you can easily create more of the same. You have the power and complete free will to decide which way you will go with this. 

We ask the serious question, are you ready to begin to learn without pain? 

For pain has been a driving force in your human race for quite some time. It will be hard to let go of for it has become a comfort zone for so many of you. Many of you cannot remember life without pain. It becomes a measuring gage for your life experiences.

The new evolvement we speak of involves learning through Love. 

It involves letting go of the negative and allowing the positive within. Imagine if you knew a life like this? The possibilities, Dear Ones, are endless, just as your amazing abilities to love and express love are. As you go through these changes, we give you some...

Recommendations to Ease the Process:
1. Breathe  
When the negative appears, allow it in. Do not shove it away. Honor your feeling with your breath and move through it and beyond it. 
2. Water  
Drink plenty of water to allow the energy to move through you easily. Experience water itself, whatever that means to you. This could be a walk along the ocean, swimming in a pool, watching a fountain, taking a bath, etc etc. 
3. Be in the presence of nature  
Get outside! We see you stay cooped up inside your buildings, offices, schools and homes. Enjoy the outdoors even if all you can do at the time is gaze outside a window for a few moments. 
4. Connect  
At times you may feel like you are alone but you are not. Connect with others to express what needs to be expressed. There are no failures. 
5. Music  
Music is a beautiful vibration that heals. Experience music – play it, listen to it, dance to it and SING! You have beautiful music within you that needs to be expressed.
These are ways to help you through these times. You are powerful beings and have all the tools necessary to create whatever experience you desire. Know that we are here to assist you. Know that we love and support you along every step of your journey.