The Stabilization of Light

by Mashubi Rochell -

At the present time there is a need for souls who are serving God to focus attention on the stabilization of light on the physical planes. This is needed both within physical bodies, on the Earth, and also within the existing structures of the world.

So much is in change and feels very fluid and there is much purification happening, with energies of darkness being released daily into the atmosphere.

Greater light is needed to help transmute these energies and also to bring greater physical and energetic comfort to those sensitive souls who are being affected by the large scale process of purification on the Earth.

There are many ways to stabilize light on the physical planes and it is always helpful to start with your own body and with the structures for your present life circumstances.

Take an inventory of your body, your home, your work and your physical environment.

What feels light filled and in harmony with the New that is arriving? What feels old, expired or is resonating in an older energy that no longer feels comfortable to you? Think about how you are spending your time, what relationships you are devoted to and what fills your days.

How can you bring greater light to yourself and the Earth?

It is important to review your life with the eyes of love and compassion. 

You may be carrying painful feelings about what has transpired in our life, or about the obstacles you have faced that have created stress and distress in your body, mind and spirit. Allow your emotions to release freely, bringing them before the altar of God's most holy, sacred heart.

Do not hold back or censor your feelings, simply allow them to flow. The cleansing light of the New will wash away your pain and allow you to step forward more freely, unencumbered by the bumps and bruises sustained in the previous cycle that was so difficult.

Now much more is possible for you to receive and to give to the world. 

Prepare yourself and make yourself ready for a new phase. Even small changes can have big effects. For example, you may find that your food needs are changing, but perhaps have not paid much attention to this. Taking an extra 15 minutes in the day to make whatever adjustments are needed to your daily schedule, so you can eat in ways that feel most harmonious to your new light body.

Some souls are in positions of responsibility that allow them to make decisions that will affect the future of the Earth. If you are one of these souls, pray deeply to be show the path of light that God is revealing to you, so that your work may bear the fruits of maximum love, light and truth. Stabilizing greater light on the Earth is an important task now that needs to be attended to with intention and attention at all levels.

Those of you who are blessed to be the parents of the new generation of souls that have incarnated in recent years also carry great responsibility. 

In providing an environment where the maximum amount of love and light and truth can be present, you can assist these beautiful souls to develop freely so their unique soul gifts can manifest unencumbered and so their gifts to the world can be shared.

There are also many new structures of light that are being prepared now, that are not yet manifest and not yet anchored on the Earth. The time for these to manifest is coming very soon, and those of you who are being called to this service need to take very seriously the inner calling you feel.

Honor what you are receiving as sacred guidance, even if you have no idea how you will be able to do what God is asking. 

By accepting and saying yes to your calling, you open the pathway for the future to manifest within you and through you. Be blessed dearest ones for the New time is arriving now and you are witness to the sacred birth that is unfolding upon the Earth. With all love and blessings to you, Amen.