Energy Awareness Techniques

by Lee Channing -

No matter where you are on your path to personal awareness and spiritual growth, there are simple tools you can use to increase your inner vision and enhance your intuitive abilities.

By increasing your knowledge and awareness of your own energy patterns, you will begin to grow healthier in every aspect of your life. Remember that a compassionate and nonjudgmental attitude is imperative when addressing issues of personal growth.
Consider the following techniques for one week:
1. FOLLOW your energy flow and at the end of each day, list what increased and what decreased your energy level.
  • What contributed to your feeling of well being? 
  • What contributed to your discomfort? 
  • Did you experience anger, fear or guilt and if so, what provoked these emotions?
2. OBSERVE your environment and note where you find peace and where you find stress.
  • Which people or places feel healthier? 
  • Which people or places feel unhealthy or dangerous to you?
3. DECIDE what you can change to improve your life. To enhance these changes, list your talents and goals. Be sure to include energy goals such as inner peace, increased intuitive ability, deeper understanding of self, and more compassion for others. Create a realistic daily energy plan using the techniques below:
  • Commit to a time of silence each day. This time can be spent sitting quietly, meditating, or just taking a few deep breaths. The important thing is to experience the silence and feel an increased level of harmony between your mind, your body, and your spirit.

  • Carefully tend the physical body. (It's the only one you get this time around!) Eat, drink, and exercise in moderation, listening to the body at all times. Stop at regular intervals and take a few deep breaths.
  • Evaluate your support system. Do you have a healthy network of family and friends for support with emotional issues? Do you need assistance from a therapist, physician, homeopath, or spiritual counselor? Remember that locating the necessary tools to repair your body or your mind is necessary for spiritual awareness, personal growth, and inner peace.
Increased knowledge is an important part of growth but remember that in order to turn knowledge into wisdom, you need time to absorb what you read - don't overdo the intellectual input.

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