Science Proves Intentions Alter DNA

by Evelyn Rysdyk -

The Power of Our Emotions:

It's possible to become more resilient to the effects of a stressful environment and be a healing warrior for the planet by cultivating loving feelings.

Take time every day to practice filling yourself with gratitude. 

Can this kind of “feeling meditation” alter your experience of life, improve your health and the health of others and begin to create the kinds of positive change in the culture that we desire?

The answer is a resounding, YES!

Science Proves the Power of Gratitude

An amazing phenomenon was observed by researchers at the Institute of Heart Math. They determined that during the loving state--which includes feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation or compassion--our heart produces coherent energy waves which can alter the conformation of DNA in solution. That is to say, the DNA samples outside of the test subjects bodies.

This study was the first to reveal that emotional states created biological changes not only within an individual who is experiencing these feelings, but outside of the body as well.

They also observed a correlation between coherent heart energy and the immune system by measuring changes in salivary IgA.

This study showed that the coherent heart energy generated during feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation or compassion, can produce biological effects both inside and outside of the body.

This is due to the fact that the feeling energies transmitted by our hearts are non-Hertzian (beyond the range of standard electromagnetic measurement) and quantum in nature.

This non-local capability means that all of our feelings have an impact that is beyond the limits of our own physical body.

Intentions alter DNA

In the study, all individuals capable of generating strong loving feelings could alter the conformation of DNA according to their intention. Intending to unwind or wind the DNA produced increases or decreases in the UV absorption peak at 260 nm.

Untrained individuals, who were not able to sustain feelings of love, showed low ratios of ECG coherence and were unable to intentionally alter the conformation of DNA.

Conversely, one individual in the study was upset and frustrated--having little control over his emotions. This individual showed an unusually low ECG coherence ratio. However because of the strong intensity of his emotional experience, his energy caused an increased winding of the DNA and a shift in the absorption peak.

This is an unusual effect which indicates that in addition to changing the conformation of DNA, an alteration in the physical/chemical structure of one or more of the bases in the DNA molecule has occurred.Although the incoherent energy associated with frustration resulted in a change in DNA, this individual could not intentionally bring about this change. The frustrated test subject was in a state that I’ve come to call a “DNA Cramp!”

Interestingly, even though this subject could cramp the DNA, he couldn’t relax it--no matter what his intention--while experiencing these incoherent feelings.

On the other hand, the persons who were experiencing the loving feelings could relax the DNA--even the DNA that was twisted onto itself by the feelings of the frustrated subject!

The conformational states of DNA are important in DNA replication and repair as well as in the creation of proteins and enzymes which regulate a wide variety of basic cell functions.

When the DNA is wound tightly upon itself, the ability for the DNA to accomplish it’s tasks is hampered. As a result, a body’s cellular functions, immunity and DNA replication/repair are all negatively impacted.

In other words, since the feelings alter the DNA, our feelings can directly impact basic cell functions.

Understanding the Steps

What we can learn from this research:
1. Our feelings, which are broadcast from our heart center have the capacity to alter not only our own DNA, but the DNA of other living beings. 
2. Not only human beings but other living creatures such as animals, birds, plants, and trees have DNA. 
3. Since these radiating feeling energies are non-local in nature, they can travel over a distance from the body without any time lag--that is to say that these energies exist outside of ordinary time/space. 
4. Loving feelings, which include feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation and compassion, have the capacity to bring the DNA into it’s most harmonious state of being. This state is consistent with improved immune and cellular function--that is optimum health. 
In addition, since the immune and related hormonal systems directly impact brain function, these coherent energies improved cognitive function. In other words they provided the ability to think more clearly. 
5. Incoherent feelings such as anger, fear and frustration have the opposite effect--producing DNA that is tightly wound and restricted in it’s ability to regulate cellular function or repair and replicate itself properly, that is, a state that interferes with health. perhaps more importantly, this interference impacts all other beings! 
In addition, this state of being reduces the ability to think rationally or clearly and may explain destructive collective behaviors such as mob reactions/mentality. 
6. Persons generating coherent feelings--love, gratitude, appreciation, compassion--were able to relax the DNA that became twisted by frustration, fear and anger. This effect happened beyond the limits of their own bodies. 
7. Therefore, persons choosing to generate coherent feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation or compassion produce healing effects not only within their own bodies but also throughout the ecosystem.

Making Gratitude a Spiritual Practice 

Based on this information, it seems our inner and outer ecosystems can no longer afford us wallowing in negative emotional states! Fear, anger and frustration negatively impacts our bodies, and the bodies of all other beings.

For our own health and the health of our planet as a whole, we must develop a practice of transforming "negative" emotions. In fact, we're suggesting that there is no more powerful action you can take in the world than to learn to work with your feeling energies.

One very easy method follows here and is also available in an easy-to-follow guided imagery form on the CD, Becoming the New Human.

When feeling frustrated, afraid or angry you do not have to be at the effect of these feelings. First take a moment to notice why you are having these feelings.

Then choose to transform these feelings to heal the “DNA Cramp” and return to a clear thinking and healthy state. From this state, you will be able to take right action to alter the situation causing the negative feelings.

This begins by stopping right where you are in your emotional process--take a time out--and beginning to breathe with your focus on your heart. Breathe gently and fully with the idea that your heart is at the center of each breath.

Do this at least ten times and while doing so, imagine that your heart is being bathed in healing light with every inhalation.

Once you have breathed gently and fully for at least ten breaths, remember a time that you felt grateful or appreciative. This can be a memory from your recent or distant past. Recall not only the situation, but the feelings that you experienced.

This is critically important; you are using the memory to trigger the feelings again.

You may start with one memory of a grateful time and may remember others. Go with which ever produces the strongest feelings of gratitude or appreciation.

Allow yourself to remember these feelings even more intensely than you did in the past. Let your body completely fill up with gratitude! Once you feel truly full, imagine that with every heart beat these feelings are not only flowing throughout your entire body--but also radiating beyond it.

These healing energies are bathing every one of your cells and the cells of living beings all around you! You remain full even as this vibration of gratitude is being broadcast from your body.

Allow this to continue for as long as you can sustain the feelings. When you feel ready, return your attention to the world around you. You may notice that the world around you appears brighter and even more colorful.

In fact, you have helped to make it a better place by taking action to transform your “DNA cramping” feelings.

Doing this exercise this for at least ten minutes can produce a six hour increase in your immune response (providing you don’t have another “DNA Cramp”) and help to counteract the effects your negative emotional state produced in and around your body.

Your feelings have the capacity to heal or harm not only yourself, but also the rest of the world. 

This is so important since so many people seem to be in a constant state of fear or anger. Remember, the test subject who was in a "DNA Cramp" couldn’t heal the DNA--no matter how strong their intention!

Those choosing to be in the state of love, gratitude, appreciation and compassion can provide the much needed healing the world requires.

A Gratitude List

To have ample gratitude experiences at the ready for this work, it pays to keep track of those things and experiences for which you are grateful!

Start with a simple list or create a beautiful scrapbook with pictures, words and drawings to remind you of ALL that you are grateful for in your life. Put everything on it from your favorite person to the simple blessing of having indoor plumbing.

Make it as extensive as you can and add to it often!

The gratitude journal or scrapbook is a perfect thing to focus upon on a gray day or to help salve the soul when you are feeling blue.

In addition, each time you allow yourself to fill with the feelings the journal entries remind you about, you are generating a healing force in the world!

Spreading Gratitude 

Besides practicing this on your own, start a "group gratitude break time" with friends or coworkers. Teach your children to take a time out when they are angry and teach them the method I’ve outlined above.

Refuse to be driven by fear and refuse to let others’ anger or fear to linger in and around you--polluting your body.

Instead, generate waves of healing gratitude all around you every day and as many times in the day as you can.

In that healing energy we can think the big ideas and create the changes that will bring the world back from the brink of destruction.

Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi once said,
“We must become the change that we want to see in the world.” 
Gratitude is very closely related to the emotions of love, compassion and appreciation. We know this as each of these feelings produce remarkably similar biological effects both inside and around the body.

If we want a more loving world to be grateful for, it’s time to become Gratitude and Love!

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