Step Up to Your Destiny

by Nancy Leilah Ward -

We feel the need to give you a strong message here for you are at an important turning point and it is essential to be vigilant and to make conscious choices. We are Many of One here to bring you messages from beyond the physical realms as we observe your progress on the spiritual evolutionary path that all are involved with on Planet Earth.

Many of you have learned of the importance of the radiant energy you send out into your lives and into the aura of the Earth.

Love is the highest vibrational frequency.

The Creator Source energy is a river of unconditional love. 

This river runs through each and every one of us, whether we are in the physical or not.

How is this river flowing within you? 

Is it choked with emotional and mental density or is if flowing free and clear? You have been clearing and healing your energies for many years now and you are most beloved, honored and respected for the work you have been doing, for as you clear your energy, you clear it for all of humankind.

We wish to tell you now that there is no room for petty grievances and for sending negative energies towards others. Be mindful of your thoughts, your hurts and your angers.

Examine what is within you that is in pain and in need of your attention. 

Practice compassion for yourself and for others with whom you may be having difficulties. When you send out resentful, toxic energies towards others, they are hit with the dense vibration. It is a waste of energy to have to dodge the bullets of other’s pain.

You can all do better than this and you are being called to step up to your destiny of creating peace on earth within your own lives (micro to macro). There is no room for blaming others and for creating an aura of anger and criticism out into the world.

All energies are magnetic and this speaks to reaping what you sow. 

If you are sending out density, it gathers with other dense energies and creates a dark cloud that flies around the earth and gathers more density unto it.

If you send out compassion and prayers that the pain within you is healed, that the pain within all is healed, then that compassion gathers with other compassionate prayers and this compassion will flow to wherever it is needed in the world. Your prayers are powerful and so are your curses.

Now is the time to be vigilant, to be conscious of what energy you are sending into the world.

Compassion is a healing balm.

Own up to the pain within you and open your spiritual toolbox to create the healing and release you need. What you are feeling is within you, it is not out in the world, it is not someone else’s fault.

You are on your unique path to the heart and center of your being. Ask for guidance, ask for healing. We offer to you that the simplest tool you have is to fill yourself with compassion, love and acceptance.

We tell you time and again that self love is where you can begin to assist in bringing yourselves and the Earth into a higher vibration. 

You are in the process of creating heaven on Earth. There will come a time somewhere in the future where the quarantine that has been around the Earth plane will be lifted and you will indeed meet your cousins, your brothers and sisters who share life in this Universe with you.

As you learn to take responsibility for your feelings and experiences and begin to live in harmony with respect for all life on Earth, you are preparing to meet your intergalactic cousins without fear. For they will not come to heal you or to lift you from the muck and the mire of emotional and mental irresponsibility. They will meet you as equals—as creators of the very Universe. When that time comes, you will look into each other’s eyes and see yourselves there.

Every breath is sacred. Every thought, every movement, every deed, every moment is sacred. 

All life is sacred. 

Practice this, LIVE this in every moment of your days, cultivating a deep conscious awareness of the fact that the Creator of All That Is dwells within each and every one of you. It is the unconditional love in the River of life that we like to call the Love Force Energy.

As you clear your river and open to your connection with all life, you begin to bring your very Soul more and more into your conscious awareness. You begin to be Gods and Goddesses walking the Earth. As you embody your Soul, you will begin to find you have powers beyond your imagining. You will begin to access powers that you now rely on technology for.

You have the ability to grow into super-conscious beings with the ability to manifest all you need to live and thrive on Earth. 

You manifest out of your vibrational frequency, so if your river is choked with resentment, fear and insecurity, those are the essences that you will create. You have all the help you need in releasing and healing yourselves at the deepest level. So we say this to you, take responsibility for all that you create.

Life doesn’t happen to you. You create all that you experience. 

Humans are very good at telling stories and it is a wonder to behold. However, sometimes you tell yourself stories about situations and other people that are designed to keep you in a place of stagnation, or a place of pain. As your conscious awareness grows, you will become cognizant of when you are creating a fantasy that serves your pain instead of your joy.

You are receiving wake up calls through your life experiences. 

This is a time to listen to your hearts. Allow your heart to be your guide. 

Awaken and take your place as keepers of the flames of love and as you do so, the stars will open for you. We and your Intergalactic brothers and sisters are sending steady beams of love and compassion to you. It is with much love and respect that we give you this message. Blessings in joy and peace.

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