Our Divine Original Blueprint

Stefanie Miller -

I have had a recurring vision of a life I embodied as a Monk. I see myself in a long white robe kneeling on the ground praying over a single blade of grass. Such an overwhelming feeling of peace, gratitude and love washes over me.

The message I intuit is that all of life is sacred and precious. 

When we send out positive vibrations to even the tiniest and seemingly least significant form of life it matters and impacts the Whole.

We are all interconnected at the cellular level in the vast matrix we call life.

The past few years have been anything but easy. If anything it has shaken us to the core and left us feeling uprooted. This lack of stability is to allow us to feel vulnerable and open to the possibilities.

We are being brought together with individuals and groups that we normally wouldn’t choose but we are gravitating towards them for a higher purpose of connecting and assisting each other in completing lessons we are finally ready to overcome once and for all. 

Those who tend to isolate are being pushed to reach out to help others and lend support.

Those who tend to only give and feel uncomfortable receiving are being prompted to accept assistance.

We are awakening to the fact that we are all One.

The trials and tribulations we’ve been going through have been an initiation into the higher realms. 

As we finally “get it” and really begin to let go of the ego, things become less complicated and more open ended.

All that we’ve experienced has lead us to finally see things in a new way and forgo limiting creations, repeating the same behaviors that have gotten us nowhere, and forge a new experience. It’s like taking the same route all the time and one day noticing things that have always been there but we failed to see.

We are being challenged to face our fears and look at, acknowledge, face, deal with and release each and every one of them. 

Let me tell you this is no easy task! Once we finally realize they are only illusions created by our past experiences and fostered by our egos we can finally let them go once and for all.

We can no longer endure the agony of living in fear of the unknown. This is when we finally reach a point of total surrender. Our choice is to accept the present moment and find contentment with what is or endure living in discontent. As an empty vessel we are able to find peace. 

From this still point we can open our hearts to receive our Divine Original Blueprint and be filled with what will serve our highest good and greatest joy.

This is the scenario we are all undergoing in one form or another. Those who are resisting the process have it the hardest. We are being squeezed through the birth canal into a new way of life. We are awakening to see and experience the world through fresh eyes.

The pathway is through opening our hearts. We are learning how to express love from a genuine place of self-acceptance and non-judgment.

This is a time of integrating all the lessons we’ve learned and applying them in our lives. We are being prompted to take risks and approach things in a way that is out of our comfort zone. Our lives are being revamped.

When we give up trying to control things and do things the way we “think” we should, we allow Source to work some magic in our lives. By giving thanks for unknown blessings already on their way to us, we are saying we expect good things to happen.

Do you see the difference? 

We may not know who, what, when, where or how it is coming, all we do is focus on the positive. Now is about surrendering our will and saying yes to life.

The energy is much more free flowing and creative once we are released from our old stories and belief systems. 

The only thing necessary is a willingness to change. Once we make up our mind that our past doesn’t have to join us in the future we can leave it behind. That is the freeing aspect of Creation.

We’ve done so much inner and outer work. For those of us who’ve already jumped through hoops and done back flips in working on ourselves the hard part is over. This is the time of allowing a gentle unfolding. We simply give permission to be free and it is so. It is that easy.

Relationships will continue to go through some major transformations as many new people come into our lives. Those who leave are just not on the same pathway as we are.

Relationships are meant to uplift and raise us to a higher plateau, not drain or bring us down. Once we choose what we want, we only get more and more of that.

Creating abundance becomes easier and easier when we are not bogged down by limiting thoughts or repeating self-defeating behaviors. We create not only monetary abundance but also a wealth of good things by knowing that all things are possible and feeling the many blessings around us.

More Profound Levels of Love

Best of all and most of all our hearts are opening to deeper and more profound levels of love. 

I find love just bubbles up inside of me and all I want to do is express it. Our relationship with animals, nature and the cosmos is deepening. As we nourish the connection it heals Mother Earth and all of its inhabitants.

Now is a time of gently honoring our process and being kind to one another. It is about releasing the past and holding a positive vision of the future. It is our choice to choose LOVE and embody it at the cellular level.

Dear God, I show up today as a vessel of pure love. 
May my presence bring joy and comfort to others. 
I believe in miracles and I know a miracle is on its way to me right now! 
I am grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.  
Thank you for all that is and all that is to be. 
I surrender any lingering fears, doubts or worry that I may be carrying inside of me. 
I know that everything is working out for my highest and greatest good. 
I trust and know that life is good. 
And so it is. Amen.

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