Valuable Life Experiences

by Jennifer Hoffman -

You spend much emotional energy wishing that others would change, act differently, do different things and make different decisions.

Do you believe that if they did as you wished your relationship with them would improve? It is a possibility but not the current reality in the context of your and their free will.

Your path through life would be much easier if you would realize that each person is exactly where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing and making the decisions that are right for them. Whether or not you agree with them is another matter. Each person is on their own path, living the life that they have agreed to live according to their contract.

So much time and energy is spent on wishing and hoping that others would be different that the lesson of these connections is often missed.

It is those with whom you have the greatest challenges, the biggest issues, that you learn your most important lessons. 

If you leave the experience thinking that things would have turned out different if they had been nicer, more loving, more accommodating or agreeable, you ignore a valuable life experience that has much to teach you.

If you are unable to release that experience, then two things happen: you miss the opportunity to heal that lesson in your soul's experience and you create an attraction for a similar circumstance so that you can once again learn the lesson.

It is human nature to want others to be like you, to erase their differences so that their behavior is predictable and fits into the scheme of your life. But that is a violation of their free will.

While you would not consciously violate another's free will, each time you wish or hope that they would do or act the way that you want them to, that is exactly what you are doing.

Know that each person is on the right path for them. 

If that does not work for you, then it was not meant to be. All connections are not pleasant and all interactions are not always loving and peaceful, for that is the nature of karma. But all connections do have a lesson to teach and each one is as it should be.

Many of your most difficult connections are there so that you can resolve your karma within the soul contract that you have with another.

When you leave a situation with feelings of bitterness, anger or hatred, you have renewed the karma with this person, instead of freeing yourself from it.

That starts another cycle which will eventually end the same way, perhaps in another lifetime, unless you learn to forgive and release, knowing that each person is on their own path and working on their own life issues.

This week, think about a relationship with someone that is not satisfying, peaceful or loving.

Appreciate the lesson that you are learning and then release it, with unconditional love and forgiveness, knowing that this person is walking the path that they are supposed to walk, exercising their free will and take comfort in knowing that once you have mastered this lesson, you will create a relationship that supports and honors you.

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