The Missing Link

by Scott Rabalais -

We live in a time filled with repeated cries for change but how does effective change come about? How do we create that which is a reflective of perfection? How can we be ensured that our thoughts and actions create a divine result?

From where does harmony originate? 

The answers are clear when following the path from results to source.
  • Step 1: Results to Actions: Results come from actions. If we want to spruce up a house, we can drive to the store and purchase some paint, then apply the paint to the house. The action leads to the result - a spruced-up house.
  • Step 2: Actions to Thoughts: Actions originate from thoughts. There cannot be action without there first being thought. Everything on our planet was manifested from thought. The result of a freshly-painted house came from the thought to improve the appearance of the house. So, thought precedes action.
  • Step 3: Thoughts to Consciousness: Thought originates from consciousness. Consciousness is a field of vibration and energy. Thought is energy received and transmitted by the mind/brain. There are various levels or realms of consciousness from which this thought energy is emitted. We attract such thought energy to ourselves based on the level or type of consciousness (energy) we are experiencing.
  • Step 4: Consciousness to Results: Linking step one to step three, it is apparent that results are based in consciousness. This leads to the idea that if we desire a change in results, we can go the the root of all results, actions and thoughts -- consciousness. But from what field of consciousness do the thoughts originate?


Even among the most knowledgeable, if the thinking is born from separation consciousness the results will reflect such a consciousness. Separation consciousness is "in the box" thinking, with a limited scope and possibility. 

Unity consciousness is "out of the box" thought, with unlimited scope and possibility. Unity consciousness is able to assess a situation created in separation consciousness and use universal energy and intelligence to ultimately bring positive results to any situation at hand.

Assessment of a situation from separation says, "We have analyzed this and logic tells us that we should move in direction X as a remedy." 

Offering the situation to unity consciousness and responding to its direction says, "This situation is what it is. I receive from unity consciousness the knowledge and direction to take. Unity consciousness knows and sees all, far more than my limited separation consciousness and personal knowledge can grasp."

Many paradigms emanating from psychological observation and study recognize the inherent links between results, action and thought. However, few constructs recognize the basis of thought in consciousness. As a result, much effort is applied at the action and thought level to modify results, rather than going to the basic level of consciousness.


An example of this can be found in our collective desire for a harmonious society -- an intended result. A harmonious society may mean that we all drive safely, do not take one another's possessions, do not act in violent ways, etc. In an effort to create such harmonious action, laws are passed to affect such behavior. 

Laws are thought constructs created with the intent to produce lawful behavior or action. Though the laws are no guarantee such harmony will occur (many laws are broken), it is what has been deemed most effective out of separation consciousness.

Unity consciousness is the "missing link" on the planet Earth. 

It is the answer to every problem, every challenge, every issue we face today. 

All so-called "problems" that we face, every perception of disharmony and disorder in our lives, can be solved in unity consciousness. 

Various solutions and remedies from separation are offered, some apparently more effective than others. But they are still separation oriented; they are still cultivated from separation thinking. It is only when unity consciousness is realized that we can and will experience paradise on Earth. We are one step away.

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