Facing Challenges

by Ann Albers -

Life is short, no matter how long you live it. Your problems, in the grand scheme of eternity, no matter how large they seem at present, will look so very small. Yet your opportunities in any given moment to experience the miracle of being in human form are so very grand. Do not dignify the devil by giving energy to your problems. Instead, focus with gratitude on the miracles all around you.

Focus on what you need to do, pray for guidance for the rest and trust that God who knows all your needs as well all your lessons is in charge. Even when people die, dear friends, they are reunited with their loving creator. And so the worst can be the best.

The times of greatest challenge financially can bring the greatest opportunity for families to come together and focus on what is truly of value. The times of greatest challenge with health can be the greatest opportunity to allow others to love you.

The times of greatest sadness for another can force you to focus on your own well being. Of course if you willingly embrace your growth, focus on what is of value, allow yourself to both give and receive and trust that if you honor your own loving expression then the challenges life presents as lessons need not be so great.

God loves you more than you can possibly imagine and that is eternal truth. There is no deeper and greater truth. 

When you learn to have true faith and trust in this and when you learn to embrace the fact that you cannot, no matter how you feel, ever be disconnected from your loving creator then your lives will reflect this knowing.

In the greatest times of adversity and in the most celebrated joys, embrace this truth. Your lives will become a magnificent expression then of God's love.

Message from the Angels

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