Get On With It

by Gloria Wendroff - 

The Days of Your Life:

Certainly, you feel there are days in your life that you would skip. You would like to leave out the day you flunked a big test, the day a loved one died, the day you told a hurtful lie, the day you broke your leg, the day of a hurricane and so on.

Yet, those days too were precious to you. If I told you I would remove heartrending days from your life, you would not be sure about it. You would hem and haw.

Of course, We cannot take back those days. We cannot remove the day your father died etc. And I think you come to see that those, to you, sad days played a purpose and held a blessedness. Your sense of the blessedness may be difficult to pin down and yet it is not so vague that you cannot sense it.

You are aware that if even one day of your life were removed, the whole configuration of the rest of your life would also have to change and also the lives of others that you played a part in.

You do not know what blessing it may have been for your loved one to die when he did, a blessing for him and a blessing to the whole universe.

This is beyond your understanding. I also know you would not really want to decide the course of a loved one's life. Of course, you would love to have your loved one back just as he was, and yet you would not pay the price. 

You would not take a chance on changing the outcome. You simply can't know enough to make decisions for others and take the responsibility for such decisions you could make only in the dark.

What you can change is your bereftness. Change your sorrow, beloveds. Let go of it. Do not sit in sorrow. Keep on blessing your loved ones who have moved on. It was inevitable.

Bless those you hurt and even bless the day you did and bless yourself for what you learned and would not do again. You have a stronger character now. Is that not a blessing? Who might you be today had you not learned that lesson?

Please do not spend one minute of precious today regretting anything of the past. 

It is a self-indulgence that you cannot afford. You are not in life to be self-indulgent and to worry over the past. The past is not a counting lesson. The lovely and unlovely made their departure the minute they did, and so you must depart that which has already departed you.

The past is a lesson in letting go. 

It is always that. The sweetness you felt at a certain time of life is your sweetness. The regret and perhaps resentment you have felt at certain events, those are yours as well. They are a part of you that you can leave behind now. They do not serve you or anyone.

You can even leave behind your questions as to why and how and what else you could have done. What can you do now but put the past to bed? Kiss it good night and wish it to sleep well. 

Release yourself from the past. It was a passing moment, and now it has passed. You are not to be a taxidermist of the past.

The past was a sketch you drew on paper. You cannot keep all the paper from the past. There is too much of it. You cannot keep anything. There is nothing for you to keep. There is everything for you to let go. You are not here in this lifetime to accumulate. You are not even here to sort. You are here to move on. 

Now you start fresh. Start a new life today.

Get on with it.

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