Harvest of Love

by Ann albers -

Message from the Angels:

In this season of harvest, realize that the harvest of love you are seeking in your lives is and always has been right there within your own hearts. The harvest of abundance is right there waiting for you to claim it. The harvest of joy is in front of you at all times, waiting to be acknowledged.

God's love is so close that it appears hidden. You search for the confirmation of this Love in so many things in your outer world.

You will feel loved when acknowledged by another, when the bills are easily paid, when your life is going perfectly... and yet when you sit quietly and ask to feel this love and acknowledge that you are all made of it; when you breathe slowly and deeply in the stillness until you feel the peace that surpasses all understanding - then and only then will you see reflections of this love in all areas of your outer world.

When you acknowledge the abundance of love within you, you will begin to see opportunities to express your heart, your gifts and talents in the world, thus attracting back to you material abundance as well.

When you acknowledge that you can choose either positive or negative thoughts at any moment in time, finding joy will be like tuning your radio into a favorite station, rather than one broadcasting dreadful news.

When you find and feel and are filled by the love of God within you, only then can you truly unconditionally love another.

Seek what you already have within you. 

To solve your outer problems go within.

If you find lack in your lives, ask yourself why you are focusing on lack when a loving God wants to give you more than you would ever ask for. Can you imagine, just for a few weeks that God loves you so much He wants to make your life flow in the light of His grace.

Can you wake up and truly truly be ready to receive.

Can you let go of negative talk, negative thoughts, and above all, can you let go of control in order to do so? Dear ones, act on your heart's guidance, not on your mind's fearful dictates and you will find a flow in your life that supports all your needs.

If you feel alone, then sit quietly and ask God to feel his love. 

Stop focusing on being alone for that illusion brings only pain and suffering.

Instead say to yourself,
"I am surrounded by the presence of the living God in so many forms. The universe loves me. The angels love me. God loves me. I intend to seek out and feel this love until I am never again lost in the lie that I am unloved."
If you feel physical pain, take time to imagine the freedom of your beautiful spirit dancing within the body, aligning with God within the body, breathing in and out, bringing life and light into every cell, for in this divine dance of your soul, you will enliven the body and be guided in its care.

You are none other than a manifestation of God's love. 

This love flows to you, through you and out from you into the world when you do not obstruct the flow with fear, negativity or a mentality of lack. 

You are made of this love. 

Practice choosing thoughts that uplift and inspire you. Push away the thoughts that convince you that you are anything less than this love. Your thoughts are like seeds, always planting new futures. If you want to reap a harvest of love, then sow seeds of love and truth each and every day.

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