Thinking Outside the Metaphysical Box

by Allen Vaysberg -

There is an old saying,
“Once the student is ready, the master will appear.”
I can imagine that many of you, like myself, have found this statement to be true. Once we are truly ready to learn, a teacher comes into our lives, we hear the information on the radio or have a friend who unexpectedly calls, etc. This is the way the Universe works.

The laws of the Universe have been explained in many texts throughout history, and many disciplines exist to assist us with discovery of who we are as well as our place in the world.

Some individuals turn to religion, some turn to science while others find their answers through the study of metaphysics.

Metaphysics presents us with a colorful array of methods, which attempt to provide a glimpse into the reality of our world.

Such methods may include astrology, numerology, face reading, Feng Shui, iridology, palmistry as well as many others.

Whether you agree with or believe in any of the modalities mentioned, let’s agree on the fact that they do exist and many follow them to the letter.

Therefore a question arises, if so many disciplines exist and so many people take them as truth, why then, when two of them intersect they disagree on the findings?

For instance, if astrology looks at a particular date and time and states the outcome is wonderful; whereas numerology dictates the opposite to the same person with the same date information. Then, which response is correct? The question leads us into a theory of how the Universe works, in my opinion.

We are co-creators of our world and as such have direct ability to affect outcomes. 

Thus, we bring into our physical environment conditions and situations that we chose to experience. If we believe that something is true, we will chose to focus on those manifestations that will back up our assertion. Science has proven this with many experiments.

Focus on your own life and you will see this is true. For instance, any person you believed was bad, you ultimately found faults in.

Also, have you ever vehemently believed a film to be a work of art giving numerous examples of why to a person who walked out of the theater in disgust? All is a matter of perspective or focus.

Thus, a Numerologist who does a name analysis to reveal a person’s life path or an Astrologer who looks at a chart to see what circumstances of the person’s life are about to transpire, translates the acquired information into human behavior, which in turn, they expect to find in the subject.

However, it is not just belief and nearsightedness but many verifiable co-incidences over a prolonged period of time and numerous subjects, which form a pattern and then law.

Revisiting the original statement about the student and the master, the truth reveals that the master was always there; only the student didn’t notice him/her.

Proof to that point involves an individual buying a new car and then noticing the same model all around them. Did everyone all of a sudden buy the vehicle or were the cars already there yet not in your awareness?

Thus, everything exists in the Universe, and we only notice or bring forth those manifestations that meet our expectation and interest. This is how the Astrologer, Numerologist, face reader and everyone else can be so sure of their own truth because its expression is the only thing they see.

Pondering the question, does that mean that what is cold is actually hot or gravity isn’t real? Does that mean that you shouldn’t follow any modalities?

Many of us look at astrology, numerology, etc. as wonderful tools, which are mostly right and useful. From my perspective, I believe this doesn’t disprove that. Instead, it presents a bigger or different picture in which everyone is right.

Most importantly, it frees one up to follow their own intuition. Astrology, numerology, etc. could very well be objectively right but many looking outside the box for answers end up putting themselves into another box painted by the rules of the discipline they query.

As an alternative, when faced with the question of which modality to believe, I hope that you will remember the essence of the answer and believe in yourself.

About Author: Allen Vaysberg is an intuitive recalibration expert, speaker, coach and author. Speaking on life purpose, career change, work-life balance and the recalibration process, he effortlessly weaves mainstream and mysterious into practical insight that readers can immediately apply to their lives.

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