The Way to Enlightenment

by John Smallman -

As humanity's spiritual development continues to unfold rapidly, much is being done to assist that development. You are all spiritual beings apparently enclosed in bodies and although many of you know intellectually that this is so – and many, many more of you are coming to this realization – it is still immensely difficult for you to live your lives in a way that is in agreement with this knowledge.

At present, in your illusory reality, your bodies do seem to be very real, very solid and your physical senses most strongly confirm this. You are easily distracted from your spiritual activities by a variety of bodily sensations. We in the non-physical realms are constantly assisting you in your quest to confirm, stabilize and strengthen your intent to experience God's love.

This quest is difficult for distractions are frequent and appear to be very important as they insist on your attention.

As you learn to be less attached to outcomes and results, you will also learn to accept others as they are instead of focusing on their aspects that seem unreasonable or wrong. 

You will come to appreciate that your spontaneous judgments and assessments, which occur almost instantaneously are invalid. They are not the person.

Then you will begin to become aware of and acknowledge the true beauty within them that your previous attitudes had prevented you from noticing.

This is a moment of awakening that brings with it much joy because when you start to see the beauty in others, your sensed need to persuade them to change their behavior falls away and you cease feeling that it is your responsibility to change them or indeed to change the world.

You have started to accept yourself as you are, instead of focusing on and judging the inadequacies that you see in yourself. It is this acceptance that you can now share with others.

Yes, as humans, you make many errors, some very painful, that cause suffering for yourselves and others, but these errors are learning experiences of great value for all whom they affect and by accepting them and not judging them you allow clarity, instead of guilt or blame, to show you the lesson's intent. Once that occurs there is no need to repeat it.

This brings a great sense of peace and increasingly the errors you make become less frequent, less painful and more easily corrected.

Truly this is the path to ascension, to enlightenment. 

When you release judgment, blame and condemnation and accept what occurs just as it is, corrections to the situation can be made much more easily and swiftly to the satisfaction of all concerned because no one has any need to defend himself or justify his actions.

What happened happened and will be corrected. An apology may or may not be appropriate but once acceptance is the order of the day, correction can start at once.

Living in peaceful cooperation with one another is an essential lesson that needs to be well learned and put into practice.

You all know this because you have all at times behaved in this fashion with friends or loved ones and have greatly enjoyed the satisfaction and warmth the experience brought you. So now it is necessary to extend this enlightened attitude to every area of your life, even if you seem to be alone in your endeavors.

Walking your talk, visibly living your beliefs is the only demonstration that has the power to show you, without any shadow of a doubt, that your will is one with your Father's. When you live like this you will know that you are divinely helped and divinely loved in every moment.