Give Yourself a Break

by Marisa Evelo -

Completely dressed in black, Saskia entered my practice. “Wow!" I said "You, dressed in black! Even your eyes are painted black. That’s quite a change! What gave you the impulse to do this? You usually wear light colors!”

“Yes, that’s right but I’m so sick and tired because everybody starts talking to me. I want to give the world a signal not to bother me. To leave me alone. So I hope that this will do the job,” Saskia sighed. “Aha, the black stands for not welcome!”

I chuckled. “Is this your usual way of telling the world to back off?” ”Normally I don’t give the world a signal at all. Not even that they are welcome!” Saskia replied.” Well, let’s talk about this whole matter a little more” I suggested. This was the opening of one of my sessions I had with Saskia

Many human angels, like you, send a signal to the world that you are available for the rest of humanity 24/7. Often you’re not aware you do this. Like the young woman above. But when I asked her if she was willing to help another person, the answer was undoubtedly a 100% Yes!. Anytime you wish!

She told me it was her gift to reflect the feelings of anyone she met, be a mirror, so they could deal with their problems and move on. She found these conversations always very interesting but also very tiring. The only way to deal with this problem for her, she thought, was to dress in an off-putting way.

But there are far better and purer ways to make this thing work for you, if you want to.

When I was a young girl I noticed that my mother was a kind of magnet who always attracted people to her. Wherever she was, someone started to talk to her and revealed the most private details of all sorts of problems. Whether she was in the mood for it or not, it simply happened.

Later I noticed the same thing happening to me. We sometimes joked that our foreheads flashed the neon sign: Please talk to me!! Spell out your problems to me. Welcome! This neon sign was working night and day. I know for many of you who are reading this, it still works this way.

It took me some time to find out that my own intentions kept this sign flashing. I had become attached to the magical easiness of making contact and the urge to help other people. Like when I went on holiday there was always someone in need. This person started to talk to me and I didn’t dare to say no. This was such a coincidence, I couldn’t resist the call for need.

Thank God I also relax during holiday, so I asked myself why did this keep happening. I deserved a holiday too, like any other person. I sighed:” I hope they do have holidays in heaven because I think it’s quiet a burden to be a (human) angel when you always have to be there for everyone.” Thinking this it made me laugh, I couldn’t stop! This was such a silly way to think.

I am in control! So if I want a holiday, the only thing I need to do is to turn the neon sign off and have a break. Not by demanding this only with the solutions my mind gives me, like the clothing of Saskia. But foremost by changing my intention, right from the heart!

So it’s your intention that determines whether you will be left alone and have a break.

“But I’m obliged to help another being” I hear many readers think now and in that time I also heard this voice in my head. But that very moment I allowed myself to give myself that holiday, right from my heart. So I said to myself: “Some other day, or maybe somebody else can help. I’m not the only human angel on this planet! I deserve a holiday, starting now!”

The next morning my probe began. Somebody started to talk to me about a problem I’m specialized in helping with. I told this person I may be of help but not that day. Maybe later on during the week. If she wanted this she only had to ask. You know what? She didn’t! Not that day, not later that holiday. Of course not. She was on holiday too.

Still the first time I said no to someone, I felt uneasy. Shouldn’t I do more? So I made this agreement with my higher self: If it really matters, than this person will come to me twice. If not, than I can rely on my faith that some other person might help or the person doesn’t really want help.

Later I learned that when people start to talk about problems in my free time I listen to them for a short while and if I think it may be I give them my website or email address. The conversation usually changes topic and later on is ended on a friendly note. Some people do contact me later, some don’t. And that’s okay. I let go of the compelling need to be there for everyone. It’s okay to have a break!

If you want a break, then just love yourself enough and allow yourself to have a break. 

This is the new energy way to do things. When you do this from the heart, with compassion, you, being a creator, create the potential for manifestation. You don’t need to deserve the break, you don’t need to have earned it. You just need to open your heart with compassion for yourself and the break you want to have.

Be aware of your mind. It may interfere and shout: ”Shame on you!”. But shame is an old energy concept. Love and compassion, being one with your divine self is the new energy way of creation.

Also be aware of your old patterns of behaving. Once you have created the potential of a break, it’s up to you whether you really will make this thing work and not react in your old pattern of helping everyone again!

Also let go of the idea that you can only be a human angel by working hard. If you want to have a break, a fortnight off, a holiday, just relax and enjoy. You will be of angelic service by letting your light shine, simply by being yourself. This is a great gift you give the world!

During your break you can take care of some of your own problems, clear yourself and let go of the things that bother you. So your light can even become more harmonious and stronger.

So if you want a break give it to yourself with love and compassion. Act accordingly and enjoy!

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