The Fear of Maybe

by Evette Gardner -

Having a 'fear of maybe' will get in the way of your living the certainty of Now. You may have heard this sentiment expressed before – All that Is, is Now.

The past is nothing more than a fleeting memory; the future but a vision of possibilities. The only moment which is truly real is Now. So don’t let your fear of what might be, spoil the moment which is.

You might wake up tomorrow to discover you’re no longer employed. Sure it’s a possibility. Absolutely anything is possible. But why allow yourself to be upset over something which hasn’t even happened?

How many of the things you’ve feared throughout the course of your life have actually come to pass? And of those fears that did come to life, how many did you survive? You are still here aren’t you?

You could worry yourself sick over all the maybes that might occur in your life situation. Or you could find peace in the blessings which are being demonstrated right now in your situation.

For instance - right now, my health is good. Right now, my family is safe and happy. Right now, all my basic needs are taken care of. I’m sheltered, I’m well fed, I have access to all I need to survive in this moment. So how would living in fear of all this being taken away from me in some ambiguous future moment impact my experience right now?

You’d be miserable, stressed out and unable to appreciate the positive things which may at this moment be staring you right in the face. Your future is built upon what you make of your present not just physically but mentally as well.

As Edgar Cayce used to frequently say, “thoughts are things.” Your beliefs have the power to attract things and events into your situation that will serve to reinforce your chosen life outlook.

Does this mean you need to lament every stray, distressing thought? No.

Does this mean you should kick yourself for every funk you allow yourself to fall into? No.

Prepare for the future as best you can but then let it go. Even if daunting life lessons are on the horizon for you, your worrying about them will do nothing to prevent them from occurring.

This is not about denying your emotions; it’s about owning your power to transform them. And through that, transform your experience.

Life happens moment by moment. 

You can only live in the moment you’re in because really, no matter how stable things may seem, nothing is truly certain about your situation from one moment to the next. So why be fearful of maybe? Your whole future is an open possibility.

The only thing truly certain about your life’s situation is that it’s given to change. You can’t change that. You can’t stop that – and that’s the uncertainty we fear because what if that change brings something difficult? It could happen. In fact it’s definite that it will on occasion happen. To struggle against that is futile.

Life will challenge you. How else could you be made to learn the depth of your own strength?

The only question is in what spirit will you meet your life’s challenges?

The outlook you choose to have in meeting your life’s circumstances is absolutely in your control even if your situation isn’t. Perhaps tomorrow something troubling will happen to upset your situation, but does that mean you need to sacrifice your enjoyment of today in preparation for it? What does that do except prolong your agony?

So instead of ruining your present moment worrying and being fearful about something which is only envisioned as a possibility (no matter how sound your interpretation of impending events may seem), draw strength from the thing which within your power.

Embrace the wonder that maybe brings, not the disappointment.

You have the power to look at your life’s state of affairs in any manner of your choosing. You create the context for everything that happens in your life, and in so doing, you dictate the terms of your life’s experience.

Your life experience is not something that happens to you, it is something that happens within you. It’s based on your thoughts, your beliefs and the outlook you choose to have on whatever it is you happen to be at the center at.

No matter how fierce the storm outside may come to rage there’s always a place within yourself to take shelter, if you are allowing of it. Find peace in that and welcome the future no matter what it may bring because it won’t last but season.