Hidden Souls

by Skye Thomas -

I suppose it’s the nature of the thing that you would feel that you are alone and that nobody else is going through what you are going through. You have worked on yourself, healing, changing, growing, and becoming more enlightened as to the way the game of life is played.

The result is that you really don’t feel like playing anymore. No, you aren’t suicidal but rather you just want to be left alone. You see the world as superficial and fake. You see the people you love self-destructing right before your very eyes and you have tried to help them only to find that your help is not wanted.

You have even wrestled with that until you understand that you cannot force others to accept your enlightenment and your wisdom. You cannot force others to accept your views of life, of peace, of balance, of harmony, of personal reflection and self-accountability. Eventually, like a hermit, you go off to live your simple perfectly balanced beautiful little life alone.

This is not the same as the lost souls who do not know who they are or where they are in life. 

This is about those souls who know exactly who they are, where they are in life, and have a pretty good idea of where they are heading and what it will look like when they get there.

These people have ambition, direction, drive and often some form of a spiritual calling, a higher ideal, or a humanitarian cause that motivates them to give of themselves to humanity in ways that others cannot understand.

These souls hear a small voice whispering to them to go public with their peaceful harmonious ways. But going public is noisy, harsh, rude, prejudiced and often dangerous for the gentle calm souls. So they hide.

Anger and pain controls a lot of people. It’s a sad fact. We all know someone who still allows their childhood wounds to dictate and control their every decision. 

We all know of people who are afraid to really open up and love someone else for fear of being rejected and hurt again. Anger is a passionate motivator. People who are really ticked off are seldom docile and quiet about it. Take an angry mob and see how long you can keep them in a peaceful calm quiet logical state.

Anger is overwhelming and powerful. It controls and threatens whatever looks like the source of that rage, fear or pain.

Now look at love and inner peace. 

By nature, love is not controlling or dominating. It is a light that shines and warms, but it does not push and shove.

Take a crowd of people who are all in a loving openhearted peaceful state, like a congregation after listening to a beautiful uplifting sermon or an audience who has just watched a musician play something amazingly spellbinding that touches their deepest heart. For just a moment, the crowd sits awash in the joyful calm not wanting to break the sacred silence.

The hidden souls are trying to live their lives like that congregation and the truth is, it is hard to hold onto our warm cozy feelings while being cut off in traffic, screamed at by irate customers and listening to a critic say that we aren’t very good at whatever gift we are trying to offer the world.

It’s so much easier for the musician to play alone in his room, the writer journals just for themselves, the artist hides their work away and the heart does not reach out to new people anymore.

These people hide their gentle souls because they want to remain gentle in a world that is harsh and often cruel.

Then that small voice of spirit calls out from the inner sanctuary of our minds telling us we must come forward and share our gifts.

“The world needs your gift as much as you need to share it.” 

Terrified, we wrestle with that guiding voice telling it to leave us alone in our hermit’s nest. It is in that struggle to maintain our loving hearts while confronted with other people’s hatred that we find just how sacred the love in our hearts is.

You were taught how to hold an inner light while held safely away from the chaos and ugliness of the “real world.” You were spiritually healed, taught and enlightened in your safe sanctuary, but that is just a false world designed for the beginner to learn.

Once you have mastered your own heart and mind and have learned how to be a truly beautifully balanced loving soul, then you will be kicked out of the nest and told to go spread that light. 

Yes, you are different from what appears to be the norm. You won’t know how many others are out there just like you until you come out of your hiding spot and begin to interact on a deep heartfelt level with all of humanity.

You must step into the darkness or nobody will know that you are a shining light. 

Yes, I know you are content to simply light up your safe secret little corner of the world. Yes, I know that you no longer have an ego attachment that needs for the world to see you as shining and glorious. You would be perfectly content hiding away in your sanctuary, working, singing, laughing and loving just the safest people that you have met.

However, it’s not for you that you must shine your light into the darkness. It’s for those lost souls who are frightened, broken and alone. 

It is so seldom that a Gandhi or a Mother Theresa appears on the scene, that the lost souls do not believe that unconditional love really exists on a day-to-day level.

You do not build lighthouses in safe sunny places. You put them on the edge of the shore where the storms are. You are a beacon of light in the storm of humanity. Deal with it and get to work doing what you were trained to do.