Seeding the Quantum Field with New Realities

by Peggy Black -

You are the true creators of your reality. We observe that this ability, this awareness, and this knowledge have been suppressed in the collective understanding of who you truly are.

Our messages have always been offered to empower you and encourage you to own the understanding that you are a multidimensional divine presence here in physical form.

Imagine that this reality and this dimension is created by the energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions of the entire collective.

Your life and experiences have been created by your personal energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This is an ability, a skill, that you have never been taught. 

When you entered this life as an infant because a physical vehicle is required in this dimension, no one informed you that you were a master, a creator of realities; you just stepped into the limited beliefs of your family, the community, and the collective consciousness.

There is no judgment here concerning this truth.

Now, however there is a transformation occurring in the evolution of consciousness in your collective reality and you are a very important aspect of that unfolding. 

More and more individuals like yourself are realizing that you have the ability to and that you do, influence the outcome of events.

We celebrate this awakening and awareness that is occurring. 

You are in the midst of great upheaval and chaos. There are conflicts of beliefs, traditions, ownerships, and allegiances.

On the screen of your global events, these scenarios continue to be played out. These horrific life-and-death struggles for power, rightness, and positions of righteousness persist.

Every time you offer your judgment or push against these events, you are adding to the energetic dichotomy of what is occurring.

We realize and acknowledge that this is how events and actions have been viewed for most of human history. 

What is being offered, however, is an expanded way to shift these limited, chaotic, atrocious events.

You are a powerful creator. 

You are experiencing your focus in this physical reality. Know, however, and understand that the divine energy that animates your physical body is powerful beyond measure. You have not been taught or informed how to use this power in a manner that is life-sustaining.

You are here at this time, on a personal mission to be a part of transforming the dense, misqualified energy and vibrations that continue to empower the chaos and atrocities. 

Pushing against, resisting or even ignoring these events is not the action of an awakened, empowered, multidimensional being.

Realize that this reality you are interfacing with is held in the neutral energy of the quantum field. 

This neutral energy, this quantum field, responds to what is being energetically offered. It will match the energy and manifest what is projected upon it by you, the observer.

Now multiply this truth by the power of the collective consciousness offering limited beliefs, a sense of powerlessness, or the misqualified passions of righteousness. You are witnessing the results, as the chaos and life-threatening action of all those misqualified vibrations.

You are not powerless. 

This is your time to step up and offer the energy of a different reality. Begin to own that your every word, thought, and emotion is making a difference.

Begin to clarify your beliefs about this reality. Understand that what you have been taught is incorrect. Do not dwell on the incorrect teaching, or judge and make wrong those who offered these beliefs; simply observe and make a conscious shift.

Each moment in your day, you have the opportunity to sculpt the events in your personal life and add to the shift in the collective consciousness.

Begin to envision your personal experience and the global events from a place of empowered awareness. 

Acknowledge that your thoughts and emotions join other like-minded, awakened beings in this neutral quantum field of manifestation.

Envision that those who are hungry are fed, those who are sick are healed, those who are homeless are sheltered.

Envision that divine truth, well-being, love and light embrace all of life. Envision waves and waves of peace-commanding presence surrounding all areas of conflict.

Envision humans respecting one another for their uniqueness. Envision methods and solutions for clean energy. Envision methods and systems that support the health and well-being of all. Envision the reality of abundance and equality for all living beings. Envision wise leadership that befits your global connections.

Hold to your truths, hold to your visions in the face of all distractions and manifestations of the opposite.

Remember you are seeding this quantum field with new realities. 

You are anchoring this shift and this transformation of consciousness. You are moving from this dense third dimension to the fifth dimension and higher. The chaos that you are witnessing is the result of what is being dissolved, what is being broken apart.

This is the time you decided, as a multidimensional, divine conscious being, that you wanted to be a participant in the breaking apart of one reality and dimension, and the ascension into another. 

You wanted to bring your unique awareness and gifts to support and assist in this awesome undertaking of an entire planet transiting from one dimension to another.

You wanted to hold and anchor these divine truths that honor all life-sustaining actions and manifestations. You are a beautiful being of light and love. You are truly transforming all that is before you. 

We invite you not to be discouraged by what you observe, but to continue to envision a better reality and outcome.

As more and more empowered beings of divine conscious awareness and light join together and add their intentions for well-being and the upliftment of all, it will manifest. Remember and own this truth for yourself.

You and your actions are making a true difference. 

Hold firm your visions of life-sustaining and life-enhancing events in the face of all contrast.We, as well as all non-physical beings of light are available always to support and assist in this process of transformation.

It is your invitation,  your request, that allows us to join you in this exciting adventure which honors free will on your planet. We are grateful for the opportunity to be in partnership with you. the ‘team’

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