How to 'Snap Out of It'

by Becca Lewis -

Have you ever said to yourself or had it said to you or said to another, Just snap out of it.” This statement supposes that we have the ability, knowledge, and desire at that moment to do so, and this is often not the case. So this little article is dedicated to all of us for those times when “snapping out if it” sounds good, but feels impossible.

Of course we all know that the first step in “snapping out if it” is wanting to. When we are deep in joylessness or discouragement or despair or doubt the desire to leave this state of mind may have also abandoned us.

The Question Then Is:

“How Do We Become Willing?”

Here are two quick ways to get over the “why bother feeling” and begin to be willing to “snap out of it” and be happy again.
1. Pause and remember a time you were happy. 
To remember might take some deep recalling and imagination. Compare it to how you feel now. Really feel the difference. Where you more comfortable physically and mentally when you were happy? Keep feeling the difference until you catch that glimmer of “willingness” and hold on to feeling. Think of it as a tiny flame you have to keep alive. 
2. Do it for someone else. 
In everyone’s life there is someone else or a cause, that we love enough to choose to do something for them, if not for ourselves. Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is worth living.” Be willing to snap out of it so you can “do” for someone or something else.
OK, I’m Willing Now What –

What’s There To Be Happy About?

This next step is easier than discouragement would want us to believe. It’s the step of gratitude.

Everyone knows that being grateful is the perfect “snap out of it remedy” but exactly how is that done?

Have you ever told yourself to be grateful and heard the answer, “No I don’t want to.”Of course you have! Why would discouragement want you to leave it?

We are going to be grateful in spite of it! Why? Repeat steps one and two again if necessary and focus on that willingness flame. We are going to get it to burn brighter by blowing gratitude on it; but how and for what?

Most of the time when we have fallen into a “funk” it is not just one thing that has taken us there. Usually it is that one little extra thing that happens and our internal self finally says, “I can’t deal with it!”

Uncovering all that has taken us down might take forever, and often keeps us there as we ruminate over it like a cow chewing its cud. Instead, let’s begin with a premise, a point of view, that happiness is something we can be, and have a right to be, and is actually the by-product of the Divine Order of Good running the universe. Yes, in the funk we say, “Yea right,” and that’s ok. Let’s prove it to ourselves because remember, it is more comfortable for everyone when we allow ourselves to happy.

Here are a few examples of how to be grateful in a way that resets the internal system back to its original state of joy and happiness.

In today’s climate of uncertainly and change (which is always present just more promoted now then it has ever been) it may appear even more difficult to step away from it. Don’t believe it.

Snapping out of it now is just the same as it was thousands of years ago and will be in the future because the lie is always the same just said in a variety of ways.

Let’s take one of the lie’s variations that pop into everyone’s mind when in a funk and see what we can do with it. How about the thought, “Nothing I ever do makes a difference, and no one really cares anyway.”

These thought, if true, would mean there is an aspect of the Divine Order that is not working right. This is impossible. Therefore our perception shift will be to prove this fact to ourselves so that we can once again experience happiness.

To do this we will need to notice those things that do make a difference. 

Notice that when you smile at someone it lights up their face. Notice the dew sitting on the grass makes it sparkle. Watch a baby smile, a bird sing in the tree, and the sun rise in the morning. Avoid the thought that none of this is because of you, and instead translate what you are seeing back to qualities for which you can be grateful.

Perhaps it goes like this. “I am grateful that someone is happy, I am grateful for all those sparkles, I am grateful for the innocence of babies, I am grateful for birds singing, I am grateful that the sun always rises.”

Feel the Truth of this!

Keep going; the flame is starting to grow: “I am grateful for the order expressed in the stars moving smoothly in the night, I am grateful for the beauty of a flower, I am grateful for the ability to see all the evidence of Divine Order of which I am an integral part.”

Keep going; fan the flames with more gratitude for the power of Love, become immersed in the feeling of it.

“I am grateful that trees send down roots, the bulbs that bloom in spring, and the clouds that scuttle across the sky. I am grateful for the presence of light in all its forms, for the laughter of children and the hugs of my friends.”

As we fan this flame of willingness with gratitude we will rise out any state of mind that hides happiness from us. Translating “things” back into thoughts, or qualities, we find the spiritual joy that opens our eyes to the infinite power of Good and Love that is the ground of our being.

We are not required to swing between joy and sorrow because within the Divine there is no “shadow of turning,” there is only the eternal now of ever present Joy. 

Happiness is a by-product of this awareness, and we can always choose to return to it. Next time you hear “snap out of it” you can say, “Ok, I know how to do that!” And you know what? Sometimes that statement is all it takes!