Living On the Edge

by Rebecca Couch -

There are stratospheres of consciousness - of higher, finer, greater, expanded knowingness and understanding. Unlike ever before, you are able to tap into those realms.

If you did so universally, you would blow your circuits. But with trusting intention and an expanded heart in each moment, you are kissing the edge of those realms, like the line of sea foam that has crashed to shore.

All you need do is show up on the beach with an open mind and heart filled with love that fuels the entire universe of universes.

What lies behind you is tainted by limited understanding of a more restricted, sheltered, constricted life, so this is why there has been so much shedding of the old – because all of that was borne of the old way.

Remember that problems can’t be solved with the same consciousness that created them? 

This is why the old no longer works and the new will bring you great insight into resolution of the seeming limitations of your world.

There are no limitations!

Isn’t that bliss? And so all that you feel burdened by in your world - the physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual pollution – can all be resolved in higher consciousness - in the greater way that is now available for you to receive.

You know this in smaller ways in your everyday life – that once you let go of old things or thoughts or emotions or limitations held in judgement, then a great ah-ha comes with the influx of the new. How could I have been so wrong, so stupid, so silly, so blind, you say? Actually, that is a great moment of realization that the new has already come, so no lamenting is unnecessary!

So you think you have new consciousness to solve the old problem – when in fact, in that moment, the problem has already been solved. We encourage you to stay on the edge of creation in this way.

Having showed up on the beach in your naked truth, filled with expectation of greatness, just simply allow the waves of insight to come and fill you with rejuvenated insight, fresh air, new concepts, wild imaginings and inspired ways of being.

In recent years you have been hearing of many who received insights in their sleep or while in the shower or who just instinctually began writing or songs popped into their heads already written in this same way each and every one of you on the beach will receive the sun’s blessings.

Just show up.
  • Imagine what is possible when you have come to such peace with your past that with each step forward, your footprints dissolve in the sand behind you… 
  • Imagine that you show up filled with the expanded moment of now, for there is nothing else… 
  • Imagine that you are a refined expression of deep compassion for All That Is… 
  • Imagine that your heart and mind are so filled with anticipation and gratitude and expectation for greatness that easily and effortlessly in the moment, something comes to you... Something simple and intriguing and you are moved to follow it, know more about it, allow yourself to swim in it just to see what happens… 
Just play. Just explore. Just enjoy. 

Just lose yourself in it as you did when you were a child: there is no time, no rules, no restrictions, no effort. And in this way the new will be born as each comes to the shore.

Notice that there is no room for worry or fear or judgement or fatigue or disinterest or negativity or any of that old stuff you have left behind. This is becoming like a child so you can enter the kingdom of Heaven… and so it will become yours so that you may come to know that it is shared with all.

So - go to the beach as often as possible in your mind.

Live on the edge of pure potentiality with an open, youthful heart.

Live knowing that there are easy solutions to the old results and that your experience, your world, your life will be healed one glad heart playing on the beach at a time.

We look forward to hanging out on that magical beach with you, drawing in the True Light that does oh-so-much more than photosynthesis and tanning skin. Surf’s up!

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