Shift of the Ages

by Cathy Olsen -

The Rising of Cosmic Energies:

The rising of cosmic energies which continue to play upon your physical being have a cleansing affect at all levels of being. This results in the purging and releasing of energetic debris within the human system.

All that has lain dormant and festering in the subconscious realms is now being shaken loose and surfacing for healing and release.

In this way, the incoming waves of light aid in dismantling outmoded structures making way for foundations of the new reality. The structures, organizations, institutions whose underlying foundations are based on greed and power over others are being dissolved.

The new energetics no longer support limiting and binding systems and ways of being. 

All that is not in alignment with the new frequencies of co-creation, abundance and joy is moving out of this expanding reality.

Like the waters of a rushing river attempting to move through a man-made tunnel, space must now be made to accommodate the rising flow.

Fear and resistance to the expanded flow of cosmic energies can cause one physical and emotional discomfort. 

Emotional trauma and karmic residue must now be cleared from the human psyche and physical body in order to accommodate the flow of love and light seeking to anchor itself within this planet.

To aid in this process we ask you to trust that all is in perfect and divine order. Seek to allay fear within your systems so as to experience more grace and ease as the plan unfolds.

Open and allow these cosmic light frequencies to enter your fields and find their home within your being. 

For you are a houser of frequency, and your conscious participation in containing and directing such frequencies will help ease the flow for the collective. There are many universal beings overseeing the stepping down of these energies in order to aid in this transformation.

Know that their love for you is without measure, for the Ascension of this planet affects many other expanding systems throughout the universe.

Do not be dismayed at the ebb and flow of vibration within your being as theses frequencies settle into alignment. 

Do not seek to control the intake or outflow of such, but allow the process to continue without resistance. Remain open. Remain Conscious. Remain steady.

Stand in your knowing, in your God Source and know that all is well despite chaotic and challenging outward circumstances.

The pressures will increase in the days to come, but know that this flood of new energies will serve to move you into the new reality which exists now as an overlay of your 3D world.

You cannot stem this tide. It holds the force of a cosmic cycle which moves to assuage darkness, density and patterns of limitation and bondage. The Divine Plan has been activated. Remain steadfast in the times to come.

Be assured that for eons you have been preparing for such times as these and in each unfolding Now moment you will be guided and supported through this Shift of the Ages.

We love and honor you, for you are members of our extended family. Feel the embrace of our love as the journey unfolds. We are ever with you!

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