Facing Your Truth

by Jennifer Hoffman

As your awareness of yourselves as spiritual beings grows, you see the human side in a different way and your awareness of your truth is expanded.

This can often include the things you do not like about yourselves because you now see the areas where you lacked faith or did not use your power.

Sometimes resolving your humanity in the face of your spirituality can seem like an impossible challenge. How can you change what you don't like and become more of what you want when there seems to be so much of what you don't like?

How do you face your own truth and use that information to your benefit?

The truth you see may be a lack of love, abundance, great fear or confusion. It may be a lifetime of powerless choices, a lack of joy and harmony or of not receiving what you want or need from others. You may see where you made the same choice again and again, despite your spiritual knowledge and understanding. You may see the difficulties you experienced and how you created them. 

The truth that Creator sees is your perfection, the choices you made on a soul level to learn lessons of compassion, power and unconditional love for yourselves and for others.

The truth is revealed to you when you are ready to see and transform it. 

It comes to you as a reminder of where you were not standing in your power, were in fear or doubt or forgot your own divinity. It is not there to remind you of your imperfections, although that is what you might see. 

This is where you can find the perfection in the perceived imperfections, the rose among what may appear to be a pile of thorns.

It is a very powerful realization that can free you from lifetimes of experiences in which you wanted to learn the lesson of truth. When you can see the truth you are ready for the awareness of your power. 

The truth of your past is not the truth of your present moment. The truth is revealed when you are ready to resolve your lessons and create new realities.

When the truth is revealed be gentle with yourselves. 

It is not your conscious choice to be powerless; it is your lesson to accept your power. It is not your conscious choice to be in fear; it is your lesson to reconnect to Source and unconditional love. That is the Truth of who you are and when you see it you are ready for the knowledge that truth brings. 

This is the moment that sets you free from the past, from fear, from doubt and into the peace that passes all understanding. 

The truth is there for you to see and to acknowledge so you can learn from it. 

Then you are able to use your power in a new way to create a new reality. This how the truth sets you free and when you do this for yourselves you create a vibration of truth for all of humanity to experience and learn from!