Tapping Into Your Potential


by Jennifer Hoffman - 

As we expand our awareness of our reality, the places we have been limiting ourselves take on a larger than life quality. We see where we have not been in our power, allowed others to influence our choices, been afraid to express our own energy or simply been stuck, unable to move in any direction.

With this awakening comes an awareness of our potential, the things we could be doing with our life and there is a rush of energy to become something else. We have just tapped into our potential and for all of us, it presents an unlimited panorama of opportunity, waiting for us to decide what we want.

Do we want that wonderful relationship, to experience financial abundance, to live in joy, to know peace, to receive and give love, to fulfill a dream?

All of these things are part of our potential and they are all waiting for us to choose them. But potential alone is not enough to make them happen.

Potential is a formless state of being, in which anything is possible and that possibility is waiting for the right moment, energy, decision, choice and movement to become.

We think of potential as something solid and stable but it is anything but that. It is vague, without description, uncertain and chaotic because we have to inject the choice and energy to allow potential to become reality.

Our entire existence is nothing more than a stream of potential, awaiting our energy and action to direct it into a version of reality.

Potential is everything that resides in our dreams and desires and is present in everything we wish for, want to have, would like to do or are willing to work for.

The two elements required to activate potential are will and energy. 

We must be willing to allow the potential to be expressed and then put our energy towards it. Without those two, and both are required, potential stays in its chaotic, formless, undefined state.

We tend to think that potential exists in the important or complicated aspects of our life but it is present in everything. 

We become aware of it when we are dissatisfied, unsure, want more than what we currently have or feel the tug of a dream that wants to come true.

This is a powerful moment that represents the awakening of potential and when we activate our will and energy, we manifest our potential. But something else happens in this moment, our fear also rises to the surface and competes with our potential.

Then we become engaged in a battle between our dreams and our fears, where the desire for our potential must be stronger than any fears we have around it if it is to manifest.

Whichever is stronger will win and we will either step forward into a new reality or remain where we are, and our potential waits for another opportunity to become part of our reality.

We cannot waste potential because it is an ever-present part of our lifetime, waiting for us to have the courage to allow it to express itself. 

We become our potential, it is as much a part of our human presence as our physical body. There is no loss or judgment from the Universe if we do not express any aspect of our potential but we judge ourselves harshly for not being able to create our dreams.

Yet the answer to our hesitation is found in our fears which limit our potential’s expression but do not remove it. Each step we take away from our fear, all of the healing and release work we do, brings us closer to the courage we need to express our potential and the manifestation of our most cherished dreams.

As the energy around us ebbs and flows, we move closer to and farther away from our connection to our potential.

It is there, waiting for us to breathe life into it and to allow it to become so we can know the joy of expressing our potential. 

No matter what we do in any lifetime, we are expressing the level of potential we are comfortable with and when we can, we will open that door a little wider and allow our wildest dreams to come rushing in.

There is no worry, hurry, fear or regret. Our potential will be there waiting for us when we have the will and energy to allow it to become our reality.


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