The Energy You Project

by Carrie Hart -

Today, be aware of the energy you are projecting. Be aware of its effect on others and its effect on you. You are, at all times, projecting an aura of energy that affects your health, your attitude and the way others perceive you and react to you.

If you are overly critical of others, you will be surrounded by critics. If you are judgmental, you will be surrounded by judges. If you are overreacting emotionally, you will live in a world of drama.

If, on the other hand, you are peaceful and centered, caring and compassionate, you will find that the others around you calm down and move into a more peaceful state along with you.

Be consciously aware of your thoughts and emotions and how they are translated into energy. 

Then take your energy out of your mind and center it in your heart and your solar plexus. Find there the light that is burning, the storehouse of energy that you are generating. Then open and allow yourself to glow.

From your center, glow with peace and a deep understanding of your personal truth.

This is who you are and you can learn to project it out energetically. And from your heart, glow with love. Take your truth and move it through love, compassion and tolerance before presenting your truth to the world.

Consciously cease reflecting energy from others and instead move to your own storehouse of self-generated energy. 

You will find that the supply is endless. And the more energy you project from these centers, the more powerful and energetic you will feel.

Glowing From Within

The more you glow from within, the less exhausted you will be from trying to fend off other energies you do not care for. Make your glow so strong, that you are never concerned with what others project. You are glowing with self and truth, love and peace and it is enough.

Here is a little prayer for today:
Today, I quiet my mind and move my conscious presence down to my solar plexus and my heart.  
I open my heart wide and allow all of the love of the universe to flow in and to flow out.  
I am love and I feel it completely.  
I move my focus to my solar plexus and find my light there.  
I am glowing with an inner light, with a truth and purpose which stem from the very highest and best that I am.  
I am lit from within and I stoke these fires with every thought and every action.  
I am at peace.  
I am centered in peace and Love.  
Every choice and every action stems from this center of peace, this heart of Love.  
I am calm and centered.  
I am deeply peaceful and at one with myself and all that is. 

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