Moving into Divine Purpose


by Mashubi Rochell -

A new possibility has emerged for the healing of the Earth brought about by the conscious and dedicated prayer and intentions of many souls working together on multiple levels of physical and spiritual reality. With this new vibrational change, more will be possible in the way of the expansion of light.

This does not in any way diminish the enormous challenges that are present, however the presence of a stronger embodied light will allow for needed shifts in consciousness that are required in order for humanity to move forward into the new times that are ahead.

As the precious physical body of Mother Earth is now signaling on a regular basis the need to attend to the pressing concerns of this time, so will the precious bodies of all of her children embodied on the Earth also now signal on a regular basis their needs for a more balanced, loving and sustainable way of living.

As greater spiritual light infused the physical bodies of all on the Earth, what is unbalanced and not sustainable will begin to break down and come apart. 

That which resonates with love, with light and with spiritual truth will be helped to flourish.

The question of what is not sustainable will vary for each person, even though there is a larger question of how to live on the Earth sustainably for the long term, which humanity needs to address collectively.

On the individual level, there are certain ways of living that simply cannot continue for souls who have been living out of balance or out of harmony with their larger Self. Only the individual can come to this understanding themselves, for this is a question related to soul's purpose.

The new levels of light present on the Earth are creating a more urgent emotional need to find meaning, balance, truth, love, and satisfaction in life. 

The present economic challenges facing so many are providing the opportunity for each individual to consider what is most real, and what is most important.

The new levels of light are opening doors emotionally and spiritually for all souls. 

For some this creates an awakening of the heart that can be both joyful and also devastating, as previously repressed pains come flooding to the surface. Have patience with yourself and your fellow human beings during this time, for all are awakening to new levels within themselves.

Transforming Judgment

It is most important at this time to be free of the energy of judgment, which is a residue of separated consciousness that assumes that those outside of ones self are to blame for the problems of the world, or for causing pain to ones self.

The energy of judgment is fueled by anger and helplessness and cannot be addressed from the level of the ego self. 

Instead, what is needed is to simply recognize that judgment is present and pray for it to be transformed. As light opens the heart, the mind and emotions are freed from judgment and new possibilities can emerge both individually and collectively.

As more people begin to experience what is possible when consciousness is grounded in the heart, rather than the mind, then many of your world's problems which are in dire needs of a solution will begin to be solved.

Those who are attached to opinions, ideas, blame, judgment and anger will begin to see these energies for what they are, creations of the ego and separated consciousness, which were necessary in times past for protection of the smaller self. 

Now something new is possible on planet Earth, a way of living from the larger Self which is One with God and with All That Is. 

This way is available to all freely to those who choose it.

God always allows free will and so there will be those who choose to not enter the new energy that is manifesting. That is their choice and their paths will be guided according to their soul's purpose, in harmony with God's will.

Although there is no way to understand with the mind the path of another soul, through divine love, compassion and forgiveness you can free yourself from the energies of blame, anger and judgment which create attachment and which set into motion karmic forces which add to the burdens in the world.

Healing and Purification

There are some intense emotional energies of anger, blame or outrage that you may wish to release, but which may not be possible to let go of. In this situation, there is a healing and purification process happening which needs patient and loving attention.

Through prayer and the intention to forgive, the storms of emotional pain will rise up and be felt, and will eventually pass. 

By choosing to give your emotions to God, rather than engaging in and acting out negativity, you are making a huge impact in the emotional and energetic matrix of the Earth. When one person chooses light, this impacts the larger collective consciousness of which all of humanity is a part. 

The more people who choose light, the stronger the energetic field of light on the Earth becomes.

Though the greater light also accelerates the process of purification which can be intense, the light will clear these energies, thus freeing the individuals to move into their divine soul's blueprint and to manifest their spiritual purpose on the Earth.

Each soul has a divine purpose that is intended to bring greater light to the world. 

Your soul's purpose is waiting for you at this time, ready to manifest with greater strength when you are ready. 

Embrace the gifts that God has given you to share with the world, for you are unique in all of creation, and were created to give something special to the world at this time. With all love and blessings, Amen.


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