Cosmic Frequencies and Energy Downloads


by Peggy Black -

We embrace you with our deep appreciation and gratitude for the incredible energy shifts that you are anchoring by your conscious magnificence. We acknowledge that you are experiencing phenomenal downloads of cosmic frequencies.

 These loving cosmic energies will continue to be offered and the energy will increase in the days and months to come. These increased galactic vibrations are being felt by all as they herald the New Galactic Age.

Each individual is experiencing these enormous energy packets in their own unique way. 

However we would like to address the most common anomalies. Physically many are certainly aware of changes in their sleep patterns and their digestive system, sensations in their nervous system of twitches and involuntary movements, aching in their head, fuzzy thinking, even the loss of a thought or a memory.

These energy downloads are also activating increased emotional reactions.

There are subtle and paranormal occurrences, where you might feel like you are experiencing two different realities or you see something out of the corner of your eye and then it is gone.

You might be aware that a new talent is emerging - the true sense of knowing something without understanding just how this knowledge has come to you.

We would like to assure you that these experiences are all part of your expansion as a being of LIGHT. Each cell within the physical body is becoming more capable of anchoring and holding a higher frequency.

Just imagine that latent codes and gifts are being activated within the DNA. As this occurs you will notice that any low, dense vibration held in the body's tissues and cells is resurfacing in your awareness to be loved and then set free.

You may be having powerful and significant dreams while you sleep; dreams in which traumas and dramas are being released. You might also be aware that you are traveling to other dimensions in your sleep state. 

These are all aspects of the amazing shift and transformation that is taking place within you as your energy body, your celestial Self, is blending with your physical vehicle. While this is occurring there will be certain body sensations and discomforts as well as mental and emotional activations.


Waves of Energy

We invite you to ride these waves of energy, welcome these downloads of vibrations being offered from the star gates and portals. Be mindful of the care of the physical body; drink fresh water and eat natural foods, practice some form of conscious breathing and movement, make sure you rest and allow your body to integrate these new energies and these new codes.

Practice good energy hygiene; take care of your subtle energy body. Use your own techniques; however make sure you anchor the physical body since there is so much energy moving through this vessel.

 Also, imagine a protective force field of Light surrounding you at all times. Realize as you become more sensitive to the vibrations in the collective conscious matrix that it is important to practice sending all energy that does not belong to you back to where it does belong blessed and transformed, and to fill yourself with your own divine essence.

This is a twofold gift of service. 

  • First, as a transformer of energy you have just shifted any dense low frequency energy that was in your field and sent it back transmuted and cleared. 
  • Second, you may now call back any energy that you have sent forth blessed and transformed and integrate it into yourself with grace and ease. 

This is spiritual alchemy at its best. You are stepping into the true power of owning and recognizing that you are a multidimensional being. The energy and galactic downloads are stirring and activating codes of awareness of your true Self as a divine celestial being of light who happens to be in a physical body playing in this hologame on planet earth.

You are here as a transformer of dense, dysfunctional energy. Your awareness and heart's intention are the tools that bring about the uplifting and expansion of consciousness for the collective. Acknowledge this, own this and celebrate this...

True Mastery

Whatever you are doing, saying or emoting is affecting the collective. There are no mundane actions or moments here on this planet at this time; all moments and actions are sacred.

Your true mastery is to recognize this and take action from your deepest core and divine code. Whatever dysfunction is before you is there to be transmuted and transformed by your connection to divine source and your awareness of your personal power and responsibility to the whole.

Imagine, if every step that you took was a step of light you would leave a light trail everywhere you went. Imagine that every thought, word or emotion you sent forth was also infused with your light vibration.

Others would be blessed when your energy signature touched them in any way. Every action throughout your day would become sacred; every action would bless and uplift everyone around you.


Claim Your Divine Partnership:

This is what is being called forth for you to do, to honor yourself, love and forgive yourself of all imagined limitations or wrong doings. There is no more time to dwell in a state of mind or emotion in which you feel less than magnificent.

 It is time for you to claim your divine partnership and act from that awareness, knowing that you personally make a difference. Because you do!

Practice raising your vibrations each moment by being in a state of gratitude, joy and appreciation. These frequencies will allow you to shift, will allow you to anchor a healing vibration in your life and affairs.

Practice owning your personal power to transform energy. Play with this, experiment with the idea.

Visualize the possibility that you could call forth a new reality, that you could anchor the new galactic age, the age of expanded awareness in which all are respected and acknowledged for who they are as divine beings in unity and oneness.

Each time this planet and all humanity are bathed with a force field of energy, a download of cosmic stimulation which activates their individual energy field and consciousness, there is an opportunity for healing and wholeness.

Each time you personally and consciously welcome this expanded awareness you become the anchor and the alchemical chalice for healing and wholeness.

We embrace you with our love and deep respect for the work that you are doing in this dimension and timeframe.

Know that you are seen and appreciated. 

There is no small act of conscious kindness that goes unnoticed. We are always available upon request; this is true of all celestial divine beings of light and love. Know that you are loved beyond measure.

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