The Fires of Alchemy

by Shirlee Hall -

Your sense of anticipation, your desire to set things aright, your pace of unending activity will all come to a point, a point of sweet realization.

Satisfaction is knowing and Being who you truly are. No longer will you wear the mantle of confusion and distress. No longer will you be adorned in loneliness or pain. You will have a new mantle to wear; a mantle of beauty recognizable by its cosmic vibration.

You have passed through the fires of alchemy. You are fast approaching the still waters of understanding. Be at peace for we are with you always. You are now prepared for a different form of battle. One that you know well; the battle of the soul.

You will lead as a front army of Light Beings drawing unto you the downtrodden and asleep. You will spark the Divine Fire within the breast of those who remain hypnotized, unillumined and bring great joy and understanding to the hearts of many.

 You will do the Great Work in total confidence with the knowing that only comes through the enlightenment gained through preparation. You will be given that which is best for your own particular Self to create and use. You will be given a new armor that is unapproachable except through love.

You will be love in action, love in form and love unconditional. You will know when your moment of changing mantle occurs. You will feel a lightness, a joy within your heart, a knowing that is Divine, and a love that transcends description.

When this newness clothes you in Its splendor, you will have arrived as a true son or daughter of God. The world lies in your holy hands. You are the Blessed Ones, the Ones who have chosen to BE. Be at peace and know we love you.

Council of the Sun

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