The Current of Creation

by Lynne Gordon-Mündel -

Throughout most of my life I have been told that there are many types of love. In recent years I find myself questioning this. Are there many types of love? Or, are there many ways to experience the energy of Love?

It is a different feeling that happens when we are with a deeply loved brother, sister or friend than when we are magnetized into relationship with a potential lover.

The feelings around a potential or fantasy lover are not the same as the feelings shared with an actualizing lover.

There are different feelings associated with love between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, mothers and sons, fathers and daughters.

All of these are different from the feeling of open-hearted abandon into the love of nature, the breathtaking exhilaration of beholding the cliffs, canyons, oceans, mighty rivers, waterfalls, desertscapes of our planet or of looking deeply into the stars at night.

Love as compassion for the suffering is again a feeling unique to itself.

The feelings are different, but is Love different?

What is Love? 

We have been trained to believe love is an emotion, a feeling state arising out of the individual. This is not my experience.

Many years ago I experienced an opening in conscious awareness, a state of consciousness in which I knew that Existence is all of one piece, it is a Unity; it is Tenderness beyond description; it is Love without definition, without exclusion, beyond illusion of form and separation, boundless.

It is the all-knowing intelligence out of which all creation arises; it is what is glimpsed when we feel those almost overwhelming feelings of well-being, balance, openness to the Universe; it is this feeling that, in our feeble attempts to describe reality, we call Love.

These feelings, these energies, these sensations of tenderness, exhilaration, joy, are not created in the human body.

The energies of Creation, felt as Love, exist as the very stuff of the Universe, and the human body is not, never was and never will be separate from the Current of Creation.

Cannot Be Seperate

We cannot be separated from that which, by its very essence, forms, sustains and nourishes our existence.

We cannot be separated from the Current, but we can believe we are separated. 

We can allow ourselves to live with the conviction that we are alone, isolated, insignificant, not aligned with the power of the Universe. This belief has consequences.

In our culture there is an unchallenged and almost religious assumption that the energies of Creation move around us, that they push us or pull us, that if we don't learn to push and pull these energies we will be invalid, useless.

If we look closely at this cultural myth we see it is absurd. Science, psychology, the logic of philosophy all reveal this absurdity, yet it prevails.

This myth, breeds in succession all the miseries of the human condition.

Poverty, war, disease, all result from the false belief that Creator and Creation are divided and we must therefore protect ourselves from Life or learn to manipulate it.

If we look again, we will see the cure for this epidemic belief in separation and fear is in our hands.

The cure begins with each one of us. 

We don't have to campaign to change the world and we don't have to leave it to politicians to put an end to poverty, war and disease but we do have to, gently and in right timing ask ourselves to let go of any and all ideas that make us seem to be alone, helpless or insignificant.

If we really want to make a difference we do have to take time to discipline our minds and our bodies to receive the energies of Creation, felt as love, in our meditations, in our spiritual practices, in our daily lives and in our relationships.

Every one of us who opens his or her heart to direct, felt-in-the-body relationship with the Creator becomes a living prayer and joins the awakening of the planet.

As we open our hearts to the Truth we begin to feel the Love that is the essence of Creation and we become ourselves catalysts for awakening - in our homes, at work, in our relationships and in our times of solitude. 

 Our very bodies, our minds and the expressions of our lives communicate and share the truth. 

We become what we always were – the Love of the Universe, embodied.