Receiving Guidance from Higher Realms


by Orin and DaBen -
I take a deep breath in and relax my body. 
I imagine a golden light surrounding me. Any thoughts I do not want are leaving. My mind is filled with peace. 
I am going within and experiencing my thoughts, imagination and the serene inner core of my true Self. 
I call back to myself any energy I have left scattered out in the universe. I feel more whole and complete within as I do. 
I bring my awareness to the center of my being, a place of light, of love and of peace and serenity. 
As I go within I can experience the light of my soul simply by having the intent to do so.  
I allow my soul to surround me with its light. 
From this place of inner serenity I can tune into whatever vibration I choose. I now choose to tune into the higher realms of light,love and wisdom. 
I now experience the vibration of healing that is always being broadcast from the higher realms. 
I receive healing into any part of my body, emotions, mind, or life that needs healing. 
I think of some area of my life in which I would like to create a positive change. 
I open to receive the broadcast of light from the Masters and Guides that will assist me in expanding my consciousness. 
I open to new perspectives, insights and wisdom. 
I open my heart and bring about changes in this area of my life. I receive this light now.
I think of something I would like guidance about. I ask the Guides and Masters for guidance. I open to receive their guidance now. 
I affirm that I will honor and pay attention to the new ideas insights, and revelations that come into my mind about whatever issue I have requested guidance. 
I think of my higher path. 
I ask to receive the broadcast of clarity, wisdom, and light from the higher realms. 
My next steps are becoming clearer to me. They reveal to me more about my higher purpose and path. I open to receive this guidance from the higher realms now. 
I now focus my awareness upward. 
I receive guidance from the higher realms. I honor the guidance I receive and I act upon it. My life works in wonderful ways.