Transition, Change and Evolution

by Nikita Gearing -

So here we are, Humanity in the time of transition, from the old to the new paradigm. So much in our world is in change, in upheaval, the old illusionary ways bubbling up to be seen, to be allowed, healed and transmuted.

We see this transition in our Economy, in the Political arena, in Environmental issues, in Humanitarian issues and in the blossoming Spiritual movement.

Our world is deeply interconnected and what is affecting one country and her peoples is rippling out to affect the whole. 

We are a global community; this is no longer a spiritual concept but a tangible reality.

Some call this a time of chaos, change, evolution, what ever we choose to call it, it is clear the doorway is open for each of us to heal the old paradigm and call in the presence and manifestation of the New Paradigm of Peace, Oneness, Truth, Sustainable solutions that serve the Whole and the Honoring of all Life.

How do we cope in these times?

What can we do to stay centered and grounded?

8 Simple Steps to Assist You


Staying centered and grounded is a key to navigating these times. Find a technique, a prayer, a meditation, a piece of music or a place in nature, something that allows you to access the still, silent and receptive state of Beingness.

Beingness is a doorway to Divine connection and Divine connection is the primary support during these times. Practice daily opening and being in this centered, Peaceful place.

At least once a day slow down and become present to the moment. The breath can be a powerful tool to assist you to become present in the moment and access this State.


Observe yourself and your surroundings. Notice when you feel caught up in the ‘drama’ occurring around you or within you.

When you see that you are being affected, don’t judge yourself, just recognize what is happening and come back to the present moment. Surrender your judgment of the situation and ALLOW what is occurring.

There is a bigger picture in all that is occurring and each situation holds gifts for you, a mirror for your Awakening and Self Realization.

3. ASK for Guidance 

As you allow what is occurring and find your center, then from this place of Beingness ask for Guidance using what ever words that work for you. Then be open to receive this guidance.

Release what this needs to look like, it will come, just stay open, be patient and know that you are deeply loved.


Fear is a powerful old paradigm reality and can sway one from the truth within. Release the fear when it arises; surrender it to your Higher Self.

Recognize that it does not serve you, your Health, your Resonance and your decisions. Breathe and let it go. Stay focus on the Reality you are choosing to create.

Sometimes we can get out of the ‘fear space’ ourselves and sometimes we need assistance. Create a system for yourself so when it becomes to much, you have a something or someone around you that offers a reminder of the place of Peace, Oneness and the reality that you are choosing to create.


Find and create support systems that reflect for you the New Paradigm. Find at least one person you feel comfortable to be your SELF with and they feel the same.

Support can also look like local communities, events, online communities and connections, but you want to have, if possible, at least one person who you can share with, in the moments of Joy and in moments of challenge.

This person does not take place of the primary Divine relationship that lives within you and it is not about becoming dependent on this person, you are two whole beings offering a Sacred Divine reflection for each other, you are ‘Divine reminders’ for each other, New Paradigm Co-Creators.


Set you intentions for what you choose for your life, for your health, for your work, for your finances, for your family. The universe is waiting for you to direct the energy coming in now.

Contemplate, become clear and express 'What you choose your New Paradigm to Be’.

YOU ARE WORTHY to create the world you love in alignment with the Highest Good.


Gratitude is a doorway for Divine presence and being in gratitude moves energy. Offer truthful gratitude whenever you feel the call and practice giving gratitude for your life.

In times of challenge see if you can focus on a few simple things you are grateful for this will assist in shifting the energy.


The New Paradigm is Here, NOW - The new paradigm is already here, ready to be manifested on our planet through each of us. This is why we and our world are in this time of transition.

Remember this when you are going through the shifts and shedding, keep things in perspective. These are the times of Self Mastery and profound personal and global evolution.

FINALLY - Take care of Precious you, slow down when you can, Breath, Be Grateful, allow the joy AND laughter and know that not only are you awakening but you are assisting the evolution of Humanity and our world.