Our Connections

by David Wodtke -

What is 'Being Connected'?

In the modern world connectivity is used to keep us in touch with each other, to give and receive information. In the broader sense connection has always been about giving and receiving. 

Our “connections” are our places of influence, the internal and external messengers that are there to give and receive all the resources that are available to us. We acquire and maintain all sorts of connections during our lives: social, technological, emotional, spiritual and others.

How does one establish connection?

In the highest sense we are always deeply connected to our environment, our world and each other on all levels from the mundane physical world to our oneness in Spirit.  

It is how we manage our connections through our awareness of them that aids or impedes our progress on the path of peace, presence and compassion.

Being Connected requires being open. 

Without openness there is no giving and receiving,and our connections are essentially shut down. To be connected to the Source of Life is to be a broadcasting tower for the Heart’s Natural Love, easily sending and receiving from the Abundance of Life.

In this time of hyper-connectivity many people experience some sort of emotional overwhelm that leads to a shut down or disconnect.

Feeling disconnected is often followed by reaction and fear of separation from our Source, our Creator. Disconnection from the five outgoing sense telephones is actually the first step in re-connecting with the inner resource of the Creative Spirit.

When the mind/body complex reaches a state of overwhelm it is broadcasting static. 

It is time to re-attune the senses inward, to be quiet and to listen deeply to the signals so we can receive the higher guidance that is always there for us and to re-Source or connect to the resources of the Self: Love, Gratitude and Infinite Abundance. 

When by attention and concentration we re-tune the inner radio to receive higher awareness through the practices of calmness and presence we return to a state of joyous expectation and respect for all life.

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