Releasing Limited Concepts of Time

by Peggy Black - 

The biggest aspect of evolution and expansion is to release any limited concepts.

We again offer the opportunity and the invitation to stretch one of your accepted and sacred beliefs. Let’s just take the concept of time. Time that exists in your belief systems, time that is a part of this third dimensional construct does not exist or manifest the same in the other dimensions.

There is an assumed and strongly held belief about time and the concept of time in your dimension. Time is one of the anchors of this dimension.

Humanity has recorded time with history, past events, clocks and calendars as the manners and methods of measure. Humanity has relationship with time that is most interesting.

We would like to offer you a suggestion that the references you make to time keep you locked in a limited reality.

Time is a concept here on this planet. 

All your words about time; continues to keep you in a mind-set of restrictions. Let us give you some examples that are common in your reality.

You say there’s not enough time, time is short, time is running out, time is moving too fast, rush time, losing time, wishing for more time, I wish time would hurry up, time is moving so slowly and where did the time go?

We believe you are getting the idea. These are beliefs about time. 

Time like everything else responds to your attitude, your beliefs, your statements, your words, your vibrations. 

Time is one of the fabrics of your earthy game. It is a veil; it keeps you in the illusion. It is wise to realize that time is created only to serve a certain aspect of physical reality.