Doorway to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

by Deborah Zeta - 

To understand and experience the vast and infinite being that you are, all you need to do is expand your definition of the present moment. Within the scope of your present moment, you have it all. Right now as you read this you are all that you have been and all that you ever will be. 

By accessing fifth-dimensional consciousness, you are able to connect with every aspect of your consciousness past, present and future. 

This form of inner connection and oneness allows you to bring about needed healing, view and believe in future probabilities and work in collaboration with your full being to manifest your highest visions into reality.

All of this is accessible from your present moment.

If you feel this is not possible for you, it is likely you have bought into the erroneous and limiting belief that all our moments, all our realities, all the aspects of our being are compartmentalized, divided and cut off from each other.

Divisive thoughtforms keep us from allowing the greatness of our being, which is founded in the essence of oneness and unconditional love.

Divisiveness keeps us fighting within ourselves and consequently, with each other.

The good news is that all limitations we impose on ourselves have the power to help us move beyond them.

This is just as all “problems” contain the seed of their own solution. This seed always flourishes in the rich soil of our higher understanding.

Expanding the Definition of your Present Moment

The key to freeing yourself of limitations is to expand your definition of the present moment.

Ask yourself, who are you within this moment?

Are you limited to what you see in front of you, or do you hold within your consciousness a vast repertoire of possibilities you can activate at any second?

Do you hold within you maps of consciousness that point to infinite locations and states you can access at will?

Do you feel your past (in this life and others) is inaccessible or do you feel connected to these past aspects and even assisted and supported by them?

Are you able to travel through the doorway of your imagination to visit your future and learn what you’re creating in order to fine-tune your present moment?

Steps to Expanding Your Present Moment

A first step to expanding your definition of the present moment is to examine your present beliefs about who you are.

If you believe you're a vast, multidimensional being of infinite capabilities, you’re well on your way to expanding your present moment.

If, however, you believe your present physical reality is all you have and that you’re limited to the information you’ve programmed into your personal CPU, your definition of the present moment could use some stretching.

When you view the world through the eyes of spirit, it’s easy to see how each person is spirit incarnate. Spirit, with its infinite nature, has the ability to be all places at all times.

The word “omniscient” is often used to describe this unlimited potential.

Some of you might say, “But this is the word we use to describe God.” Now we are finally getting to the root of things. Do you see God as separate from yourself or as a part of yourself?

We offer this holographic definition: you are to the universe as a drop of water is to the ocean. A drop of water has the same properties as the ocean.

It is holographically the same as the ocean, just as you’re holographically the same as God and with the same properties and potentials. This is a second step in expanding your present moment – to see God, all-that-is - whatever word you choose to describe the infinite – as a part of you.

You are an Omnipresent Spark of Spirit

You as an omnipresent spark of spirit have likely been incarnated hundreds and even thousands of times.

We say "likely" because some entities in this universe incarnate only on a few occasions and for specific purposes.

Younger souls have by definition experienced fewer incarnations than older souls. (The fact that you're reading this says you’re an older soul).

You have been incarnated in numerous timeframes throughout history, both past and future. You may find it a stretch to contemplate the possibility that your spirit has incarnated into future timeframes.

You are Simultaneously Incarnated throughout Time

There is no “time” in the expanded concept of the universe. All your incarnations are occurring simultaneously in various realities.

If you had a lifetime in Egypt in 550 AD, that “you” is still alive and well in its own energetic coordinate in the universe.

Likewise, if a future “you” is incarnated in the year 2550 on your home planet of Betelgeuse, that being is alive and well within its own energetic timeframe.

Some incarnations are closer energetic matches to your present moment than others. These other “yous” are creating other experiences and understandings in their own timeframes, but they still hold various levels of resonance to the “you” that exists in your present moment.

Your higher self is in tune with all these various incarnations occurring simultaneously.

It is by tuning in to your higher self that you learn about these other “yous” incarnated throughout time.

As you learn about them, you can choose to visit them in consciousness. In this way, you’re able to share information, knowledge and skills.

It’s by learning about and connecting with these other “yous” that you are able to come more fully into latent talents and abilities. A Mozart or Einstein is not created in one lifetime.

True genius develops over an arc of lifetimes and culminates in a timeframe where the individual is able to merge with other aspects of themselves to consolidate understandings and abilities honed throughout time.

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