5 Ways to Stop Criticizing and Judging Others

by Krishanti Wahla -

Very few people can honestly say they don't judge or criticize others. I can't. Can you?

In fact, many of us see things in black and white (whether we are aware of it or not), righteously and firmly planted in the belief that we are right and others are wrong...or assuming that we know what other people's motives are but really, in essence having no idea. 

When we judge people or events we create constricting energy that boxes up our own vibration and even holds back the progress of our collective consciousness. 

Think about it - do you ever really feel good when you're judging or criticizing someone else?

No. It puts you in an ugly, closed-off space. And in order to thrive and grow, you need to feel good, and to be in a strong, positive vibration. When you judge someone for being an ass, you're the ass, too - because you're all caught up in criticizing and judging them. And that's not cool.

It's not always easy to switch over to non-critical thoughts, though - so here are 5 ways to suspend judgement and get into the zone of all-for-one goodness.

1. Just Knock it Off. 
Easier said than done, right? But honestly, you've gotta stop at some point. Try this: the minute you start thinking negatively about someone, stop yourself mid-thought and ask yourself why you're going there, and correct the action while it's happening.  
Either pull yourself into the present moment and train your brain to think about and focus on something else, or, if you have the time, take a moment to write down what you think about that person;  if you're angry, get it out! 
Then crumple up the piece of paper, throw it out and be done with it (until the next critical thought comes up - and when it does and it will, do this again and again and again, until you finally end the cycle.). 
2. Walk in Their Shoes 
Don't think for a moment that you can know what ANYONE'S life is like until you walk in their shoes. You have no idea - you really, really have no idea - what their experience is. 
Once you can accept that, you can disconnect, unplug and pull your vibration away from trying to figure out what you think is so wrong about that person's beliefs or actions. 
Maybe, at some point or another, you'll experience something that the person you're judging is experiencing. Who's to say you'll react any better than they did, or do? You can't know their journey until you take it yourself.   
3. Don't Assume ANYTHING. 
Remember that to assume makes an ASS out of YOU and ME. Don't assume anything. You could be seriously wrong. 
4. Create a loving heart.  
Work on opening yourself up to being a lover, not a hater. Start by recognizing the people and animals you love easily, and allow your love to grow. Smile more. Imagine the asshole honking at you in traffic is your son or grandson, and send him love. 
Recognize that the telemarketer is just doing her job, and send her love. Each morning, commit to having a loving heart, and to create a loving world. 
It won't work overnight, but in time, you will cultivate a loving vibration that is much higher spiritually than criticism or judgement. 
5. Know that it's not about you. 
A huge reason why we're so critical and judgmental is that we act from our egos, taking life ever-so-personally. But no matter who you feel critical of - parents, children, friends, co-workers, bad doctors or dentists - pull yourself out of the interaction and truly realize that it's not about you. 
People will act the way they're going to act regardless of whether you're there or not and you can't change that.
It takes a ton of effort to turn off criticism and judgement in a world that embraces it so wholeheartedly (just turn on the TV or pick up a tabloid) but once you begin to practice suspending these thoughts and vibrations, you'll realize that you actually feel better and that it's a lighter way of being.

I'm trying to adjust my thoughts and beliefs and I feel happier when I'm more understanding about people and less huffy-puffy, in a tizzy or mad at them for whatever they're doing that I perceive is uncool. 

When you're truly un-judgemental, your energy flows and your vibration lightens up. 

Change starts with one person and you, too, can be an influencer in this new thought movement making a difference that contributes to elevating the vibration of our entire planetary consciousness. 

I'd say that's worth trying for. Is there a person or situation that gets you all judge-y and critical? I want to hear your experiences and see if these techniques will help - so please leave a comment.

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