Living In Miraculous Conscious Awareness

by Tracy Webb -

I have always been fascinated by the phrases ‘you create your own reality’ and ‘you are what you think you are’. At first I thought this was great and very simple – all I have to do is think in a particular way and I would be / have all the things I ever wished for.

Suddenly there are laws to abide by and behaviors to adopt and from experience this always brings in the ego and mind identification.

There is now a goal to achieve and other things that I have to do in order to have a better life. What happens when it doesn’t work out the way we expected – guilt, misery and feelings of failure set it.

It didn’t take long to find out that, although this universal law works, it is not so much what we ‘do’ but more about ‘being’ that makes all the difference.

I realized that we choose to ‘be’ certain ways. We can choose to ‘be happy’ or to ‘be sad’ at any given moment – usually this is an unconscious choice.

We tend to allow circumstances, past conditioning and social norms to dictate to us how we act. We then find ourselves reacting to situations instead of responding to them. This can be quite a challenge especially as we are so mind dominated.

When we ‘try’ to act in certain ways because we think we ‘should’ or have been told that it is good to behave in certain ways, we soon end up with feelings of resentment and of being unfulfilled.

When we are peaceful, happy and in a place where we understand that God/The Universe or Source provides for us exactly as we ask and in accordance with the energy vibration we are sending out then striving and trying becomes futile.

We can then see how weak and insignificant our egos are and the process of being able to ‘Let go and let God’ becomes more natural.

We split the natural polarities of the universe in two and decide on one over the other –therefore invalidating one in preference of the other.

Accepting Polarity

This creates more of the same, as the polarity that is rejected will keep coming back until it is accepted.

We are pulled between bouts of realized peacefulness and our strong ego desires. By shutting out the chatter of the mind/ego, we can more easily hear the god presence or spirit aspect of us. Bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance and harmony together instead of the extremes we create.

For example – we can abuse our bodies, feed it foods that don’t nourish it and take addictive chemicals into our systems.

We can let our ego/mind become so engrossed in having and wanting more, believing that we are our minds and are identified by what we have.

As the mind gets to have more control over us, it becomes loud and incessant making it more difficult for us to hear our god presence, the loving, ever-constant part of us that we so readily dismiss.

Worse still, it is seen as insignificant and intangible because it cannot be intellectualized. It is as much a valid part of our being – if not more so - but it is the most denied, instead of being valued, nurtured and embraced.

Our ego, or mistaken thoughts are taken to be real, when the real truth is so much more than we can comprehend. God (ourselves) is all there is – however, we have forgotten this and listened to our minds version of ‘reality’.

I have studied the Buddhist teachings of meditation and attended Vipassana meditation courses. I have come to realize how to understand and accept my mind through silence and focusing on the breath.

Buddhist Monks devote their lives to achieving enlightenment by choosing a path of simplicity and loving kindness to all beings. All their basic needs are met and the worries that we carry do not exist for them.

We, on the other hand, have chosen a more difficult path. The path of the ‘householder’. Our society demands that we must have more and achieve more to be accepted and happy.

People all over the world live in varying states of abundance – some recognizing and being appreciative of theirs whilst others are never satisfied with their life and never have ‘enough’. 

It is no wonder that we struggle to attain the peace and inner calm of the Buddha. By choosing a simple path, lives would change beyond recognition; we would be more spiritually enriched and would live more in harmony with our natural environment.

I believe we are all worthy of beauty, wealth and to have lovely surroundings to live in. I also believe that we are the beauty and abundance of the world that we seek.

We only see lack because we feel that there is something outside of us that needs to be fulfilled – therefore we deem ourselves to be separate from something.

In reality we can never be separate from anything as we are everything.

How do we achieve some sense of inner calm and bring about our creative thoughts, as we would like them to be realised? 

The creative process works on different levels. As stated previously we are three part beings. Creation also works on three levels.

Our thoughts are creative, our words are creative and our actions are creative. Used together consciously, these three are very powerful in harnessing the creative power of the Universe.

There is also a matter of belief in your ultimate success in achieving this conscious outcome. When you believe that whatever you ask for will be granted no matter what, your experiences will become more positive.

Allow your energy and feelings towards your desired goal to be your guide.

Staying positive and focused helps to bring it to you quicker. 

Feelings of doubt and negativity will block your desire from manifesting the way you would like it to. Knowing that whatever comes is exactly in harmony with your vibrational energy pattern.

You attract everything perfectly. 

It is also useful to gauge your situation – use it as a mirror to help you to either change some thought or habit that may be inhibiting your creative process or if you are happy with your situation then keep up the good work!

Consciously focusing your mind and listening to your spirit presence and acting in accordance with the desired outcome will bring you success.

We have been conditioned to believe that supply is limited and therefore there is not enough. This again is not ultimate reality. Again, if we are God experiencing God then we are everything. God is unlimited therefore so are we. So we are ultimately our own supply.

If someone asks you for a hug, would you check to see if you have enough hugs? No, you would give the hug.

The more hugs you give the more you receive back. Giving therefore allows receiving. When we withhold anything (love) from anyone (which ultimately means withholding from yourself) we block the natural flow.

The complete knowing that whatever happens is divinely directed and absolutely the right thing for you without exception helps you to accept what does manifest in your life. 

The more you can let go of control and allow the universe or God to direct life for you the more miraculous the outcome. 

I have watched myself and society try to control ‘their lives’ doing what they feel is right, striving for excellence and control in ‘their life’. We are conditioned to believe that our mind and ego is in charge.

We try to exert control and direction in our life but ultimately this act is not in accordance with the vibration of the universe.

Instead of achieving our desired outcome we receive a sort of fragmented version. It is our thinking that puts fences up that block the natural flow of the universe from coming into our lives. We then experience this version of our thinking in our life.

Pull up the fences and let go of the resistance. Trust in the universe that created everything that you can see (and not see). 

How can our ego compete with what ‘God’ can provide?

When you allow the universe to direct your life you will feel like you are being served and provided for in a way that was never possible before.

When you stop the struggle and allow life to flow, accepting what comes without attachment or identification with it, you will be amazed at the miracles that start to appear in your life.

In the universe everything that exists is energy and everything is interconnected. 

This means that we are connected to everything that we want or do no want in our lives; the point is that what is perceived to be missing is so because we are not in harmony with the energy or vibration that it emits.

Therefore, to attract anything into your life it is crucial to be aligned to its vibration. We are like magnets drawing our experiences as directed by our thoughts, emotions, words and actions.

In this way everything is perfect – there are no mistakes and we receive exactly as our vibration dictates. Try to remember that we are everything and everything is us – how can we want for anything?

As stated in the first paragraph, this probably all sounds like too much that you have to do or change. Again, this is the intellectualized mind thinking and being identified with itself. When we are told to act in certain ways etc we instantly set ourselves up to fail. This is not how it is meant to be.

Unless the action is coming from a place of ‘no ego’ no attachment to the self, we will feel put on, resentful, why should I have to do this? It is the natural way of the conditioned human mind. The vibration is not in harmony with the desired outcome.

Acceptance and Allowing

When you are in a state of acceptance and allowing ‘what is’ to be, your experiences and actions come from that place. 

They become your natural way to respond and act. Instead of feeling the egotistical feelings we normally feel, they will be replaced with compassion and love.

The action you take then will come from a place of a higher unconditional love not from striving and feeling unfulfilled, resentful and victimized.

These feelings only occur because you have given greater preference to one side of a unified whole (a polarity). It is ok to have the preference – just accept both sides as being equally as valid as the other. This allows either polarity to exert itself on your life without feelings of victimization.

Bring conscious awareness into your life. 

Start by being aware of the thoughts that are constantly parading through your mind. You don’t have to change the thoughts just become aware of them, the act of noticing frees you from them. This, in Buddhist tradition, is known as being ‘mindful’. 

When we are mindful it allows us to be aware and conscious of the present moment. Our thoughts can be like clouds that pass by instead of like hooks that grab us in and take us into the past or the future.

If you decide to try to become aware of your thoughts you will be amazed at how much time you spend either worrying about the past and your history or projecting a future that does not exist except for in your head.

Look at how much time is spent on these intangible things that ultimately don’t exist. At any given time all you have to cope with and be aware of is the present moment. How can you deal with something that is a mind projection?

If and when a situation arises, it will arise in the present and you will have the tools necessary to deal with it.

Try not to take your thoughts so seriously after all they are insubstantial and mind made – your mind made them.

Since we are like ‘magnets’ attracting similar energies into our lives as we ‘put out’ then it is not difficult to understand why we are in the state we are in – when we are not even aware of what we are thinking about at any given moment. This helps to put things into perspective and give us our power back.

These have been my observations and experiences and by practicing what I have written here, life has opened up to me and I experience miracles everyday.

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