Operating from Multidimensional Existence

by Debora Johnson -

By now, those accelerating through the process of consciousness expansion are well aware of their own multidimensionality. What we may not have realized yet is that there is a distinct reality; including truths, that seem to permeate these various dimensions.

We are learning to identify where we are operating from in each given moment by our thoughts and perceptions of reality. To confuse things a bit more, we are rediscovering we can operate within several dimensions at once.

Although it takes a bit of patience to re-align to our new state of Being, it can become magical as we learn to master this expanded ability in the physical plane of existence.

It's like riding a bicycle. It may have been awhile since we have jumped on for a ride; but we never forget how to do it. : ) Be patient with yourself as you remember how this is done!

To assist you in recognizing various dimensions you may be operating from in each moment, monitor your thought process throughout the day.
  • 3D is all about Self. What can I do to take care of myself; sort of like a survival thought mode. It's all about you.
  • 4D we are gathering all aspects of an expanded sense of our own spirituality; which include all types of spiritual truths and knowledge relevant to this dimension. We realize there is more to life than our own needs and survival. We seek and find a variety of spiritual truths and concepts that allow us to grow in consciousness.
  • 5D is a bit tricky; because it is fairly new at this point. People laugh at me when I say this; but in 5D you release and let go of everything you thought was truth; even the spiritual concepts. They relate to 4D; although experiencing and moving through this dimension has allowed us to catch the next rung on the ladder.

    When operating from 5D, you become lost in a sense of KNOWING that all taking place in your life; whether it appears as something 'good or bad' is all for our highest good and consciousness expansion or evolution. You don't THINK or analyze much and just enjoy whatever it is you are doing in the moment. You TRUST that each event or circumstance in our lives is in perfect Divine order.

    It is more about perception than anything else. You don't Go anywhere when you merge with the 5th dimension. You Enjoy Being and allow Life in all forms and dimensions to be experienced without fear, worry or even thought. You just ARE and you eventually realize you can operate more and more from higher aspects ourSelves in the physical plane; you become God or Love in Action. This is the freedom we have been searching for...
Right now, we have the ability to recognize these various dimensions of reality as we become Masters of Energy in physical form.

Soon, due to our expanding consciousness, we will naturally completely transcend the lower dimensions and choose to reside in what we know to be more aligned with our freedom and Divine nature. 5D and higher will become our reality or dimension/s of choice.

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