Unitive Consciousness

by Steve Beckow -

Unity within all people and experiences naturally arises when love is present. Are you discovering that the perspective of your mind is altering so much that it feels it has moved from one way of thinking to a complete opposite way of thinking?

In this Era of Love, you can hold complete and absolute faith and confidence that everything within you will be healed because love will not leave any stone unturned. Love will allow everything to arise, be observed, healed and released.

With the powerful wave of love entering through your being and into the Earth, so your understanding and experience of duality is challenged and can be shifted with tremendous ease. The Creator’s vibration of love brings forth an awareness and greater experience of unity.

The Truth and Experience of Unity

Love is breaking down the perspective of duality, asking you to realize there are no opposites; no separation, no division, only unity, with the truth and experience of unity.

The presence of unity within your being, and within the consciousness of humanity, will manifest a greater embodiment of love, but also a deeper embodiment of the Creator in all manifestation. It will feel as if you are seeing, sensing, and recognizing the Creator with every moment of your reality. ('Master Serapis Bey: The Journey of Separation to Unity,' channelled by Natalie Glasson,

The days of being separated from each other are drawing to a close, and already there is more harmony and agreement between you. Naturally some situations are still volatile and give cause for concern, but when they have come to a higher realisation that life is more simple and happy through co-operation, matters will change quite quickly. (SaLuSa)

Now, why do we do that? Because it gives us greater joy; nothing makes us happier than feeling that we are getting closer and closer and closer together. Yes, we do have a group mind – that is why our telepathic communication is so successful, so powerful.

But in that unity is also the awe, the wonder, the appreciation, the celebration of each Being’s uniqueness. So, it is not a matter of becoming so close that you merge into one blob…that would not be desirable at all.

Ashira: We want the uniqueness to remain but as you become closer, knowing the joy of another’s heart and their knowing yours or in moments of trouble, of hesitation and in this way – and I am trying to make this very practical – in this way we can send our emissaries to Earth because they are not disconnected. ("Transcript: Heavenly Blessings with Ashira - 7th In a Series," channeled by Linda Dillon,

We did not wish, the Mother did not plan, to simply have a race of identical twins. Otherwise, that is what she would have brought forth. The diversity, the differences, the clarity, the appreciation of those differences are vital to the progress, evolution, Ascension, jump, shift, whatever you call it, of the collective humanity and to each individual.

It is not merely appreciating your own sweet self, loving your own sweet self. It is also coming to that place, not merely of accepting and allowing, but deep appreciation, love, celebration, not only of the points of conjunction but of the differences.

Now, this is something that your star brothers and sisters, who hover very close at hand, have become highly attuned to long ago. There is no requirement to mirror, to agree, to all be in what you think of as marching lock-step together.

The key to forming community, and to forming Nova Earth in the true sense of unity, is not merely agreeing and all following the same pattern. Quite the contrary, it is also coming together with the differentiation of talents, of beliefs, of understandings, of experiences and then joining to form the harmony.

No one person, being, above or below, by the way, is intended to do everything. And when that situation occurs, and human situations in groups large or small, what you see is someone who is a control maniac, someone whose ego thinks that they can do it better, or that they need to do it all or it won’t be done sufficiently effectively or beautifully. And of course that is not so. It is a mosaic.

You come together to complement and to work cooperatively. 

Sometimes what that means is you are all taking a giant step back and observing and being discerning and perceptive, because there are personalities, there are feelings, there are histories, there are past lives and bleed-throughs, there are opinions.

It takes a giant step backwards to perceive and discern how that mix is coming together so that the mosaic pieces aren’t butting up against one another, and how they can be placed in position to complement and to create.

It is the learning, in small groups and then in very large groups, how to work cooperatively and how to deal with conflict, with confrontation, with differences of opinion, with groups three to one, a thousand to one and not how to override the one, but how to complement each other.

How do we work together? 

One of the first rules when you are in this transition phase has been to learn to speak Perro. And we have talked of Perro before and it is what you would also call non-violent communication. It is to speak frankly but not emotionally. 

Communicate the facts, and including the facts of how you feel, and including the facts of who you are ― your talents, your abilities, your dreams, your desires, what you wish to create within the microcosm or the macrocosm. Start talking and never stop ― telepathically, body language, touching, eye contact. It is time, my beloved ones.

We have called you the creator race, but we should also be calling you the communicator race because that is where you are and that is where you are headed. If you do not communicate heart to heart, there is no forward progress. Period. ("Archangel Michael: What Would Love Do?", channeled by Linda Dillon

Because the people of Earth will have more freedom to travel, the mysteries of other races will become known and ultimately you will realise how much you are alike. People seek happiness and peace, and it is only the dark Ones who have deliberately maintained a situation that has repeatedly led to wars and unrest.

That is already changing and with the mixing of the different Races, people are realising that there is in truth only one Race upon Earth – the Human Race. Even so, as you have incarnated in many different countries for your evolution, you have acquired an understanding of the differences – that All are One. In the larger picture you are all Gods but that is a potential at this time, yet you will come to accept that truth. (SaLuSa)

Signs of Unitive Progress

It goes without saying that the division currently in place isn’t only employed by the conscious community. Your planet as a whole still remains largely divided but if one looks, they can see the signs of unitive progress.

All over your planet, groups of souls with similar interests are forming to help build a new world and diminish the old ways of separation and hatred that have kept your current world going and these souls are joining forces in their respective quests to welcome a new paradigm that sees you move away from the lower qualities of your current.

These souls and their groups (of which you can be a part) are focused on helping change your planet and the divisive ways in which it’s been ruled for far too long, and they’re doing everything they can to help raise consciousness and see to it that humanity doesn’t enter the negative future you could’ve, were you not being given so much assistance from the Company of Heaven.

We don’t encourage any of you to look to the Company of Heaven as ‘saviors’ because indeed, you are your own saviors. ("Spiritual Guidance: Your Work is Poised to Increase," channeled by Wes Annac aquariusparadigm.comYou do not take a step backward by moving into the future that is before you as a potentiality, though there may be in the back of your mind some idea of losing the brilliance of the individuality that you have nurtured your whole life long, and longer. 

Nothing is lost in the transition from one governing timestream to the next, other than the weight of oppression forcing you to bend your will and your creativity to suit another’s aims and desires. It is well worth losing such a burden, do you agree?

It is not to say a free-for-all ensues in which the weak or unaware are made to watch others create a world that may or may not be to their taste. 

It is to say that it is free-for-all to participate and to move the dynamic of creation into the group consciousness that arises from healthy, whole, unfractured individualities in blessed harmony upon a planetary body conscious of their beingness and supportive of life.

If this is what is meant by collective consciousness, is it not a degree more dynamic than many of you have considered such a thing to be? 

Don’t get into the fairy tale of science fiction stories when you consider the reality of what confronts you now, for all of it pales in comparison to the true world within the galactic society that is arriving more insistently by the day. It is tugging on your consciousness now, we have noticed, despite the ups and downs that have been dragging your emotional body more or less through the roller coaster of global integrative movement.

If you experience sadness, anger, frustration, doubt, hopelessness or any other extreme of dark feelings, know that the experience is temporary and you are moving through it with the world in tow.

You are stronger than you might think, and in confronting the abyss as a being in service to the greater accord of humanity’s evolution, you do a great service for a planet in pain coming into recognition of its own wounds and its own strengths in overcoming them.

Wholeness is achievable, for you and for the greater human organism of which you are a part. 

As that takes shape, be gentle with yourselves and patient and supportive of each other. Let your joy become the baseline frequency while the movement into wholeness happens. ("Semjase via Maryann Rada: New Words from an Old Friend, Temporally Speaking,"

A very large number of your human cultural preconceptions, beliefs, and perceptions are far too prejudicial and inflexible to allow you to work harmoniously together for the good of all.

By opening your hearts to the divine field of Love that surrounds and envelops you, you allow the peace, the acceptance and the forgiveness that flow from it to dissolve all the controversies and difficulties that have been dividing you against one another. 

You open yourselves to see with new eyes and to engage with loving hearts so that all that has driven you apart into various warring factions is recognized as mere egoic nonsense, an insane need to be right and to prove others wrong.

What you will now discover, as you release all that egoic baggage, is that your aims are identical! 

You all desperately want to feel worthy, acceptable, and loved, and to know that you are – which is, of course, your natural and eternal state – but you thought that for that to happen you had to prove to yourselves and to God that you were better than others. You believed that there had to be winners and losers – and you were all terrified of being losers.

Your Father created only winners and by opening your hearts to the Love that He constantly offers that will become increasingly apparent, and you will find yourselves most easily able to cooperate willingly, creatively and harmoniously together as the differences and conflicting viewpoints that were always setting you against one another are seen to be completely unreal.

You are all loving brothers and sisters, beloved children of God, who temporarily became lost and confused about your true status, and that sense of being lost, alone, even abandoned is dissolving rapidly as you once more become aware of who you truly are. 

There is absolutely no need for fear, doubt, or anxiety of any kind because soon you will awaken into everlasting joy as the brilliant Light of God’s eternal day bathes you in Its glorious Rays. (Saul)

As you are aware, at these end-times much karma is coming up to be cleared and this is one reason why so much activity is taking place. 

However, given time it will become less and will be helped by bringing together many souls who hitherto have been deliberately kept apart. The dark Ones have created many ways in which to stop you coming together as One, but that will change as it is realised how much you have in common with each other. Religion has divided people and many wars have been fought because of the different ideologies. 

These problems will also be overcome when the truth is made known, and it is realised that All are One. (SaLuSa)

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