Create Your Reality the Way You Want It

by Marie C. Barrett -
Much has been written about the Law of Attraction, but how do we move from reading about this universal law to actually manifesting what we want to experience on our life?

We already know from the recent research and publicity given to the findings of quantum physics, and the Law of Attraction, that we actually create our own reality.
Most people do so by default. They don’t even realize that they are creating their life experiences and therefore they are unable to change what they are getting.
Today I would like to offer you some ways to actually create exactly what you want, the way you want it, using the Law of Attraction.
You can start to create your day instead of enduring whatever comes at you. So here are some ideas to ponder.

If any resonate within your spirit, ponder them more deeply and try doing what they lead you to do.
I cannot go into all the whys and how’s in one article but here are a few ideas on how to design what you want to experience, consciously and deliberately.
1. You have three basis levels of consciousness:
a. conscious (mind)
b. sub-conscious (body)
c. super-conscious (spirit) 
2. You create at all three levels of consciousness through:
a. thought – the idea emerges
b. word – the thought takes on its own identity and becomes specific
c. deed – the idea condenses into experience through you taking action 
3. When you formulate a thought you begin forming energy into the form of that idea, but the idea alone does not yet manifest into your physical experience. 
4. When you take that thought and begin to energize it with intention and focus (speak it - word), you “amass” or condense more energy around the creation. It is still not at the stage of experience because it needs one more creative element. 
5. This creative element requires you take action (deed).You actively create the circumstances in your life that nurture the manifestation of the thought, word and now the deed. Here you take focused action to achieve the outcome you want.
To summarize:
You create through mind, body and spirit: thought, word and deed.
This is by no means the whole picture of the creative process but it is a great foundation upon which to build.
When all is said and done however, if you do what makes your heart sing, your life will take on a wonderful streaming energy of joy.

This feeling of joy starts the whole process over again but at a higher level of expanded awareness.

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