Who Me a Creator?

by Marie C. Barrett -
How can I be a real and intentional creator? 

This is a great question, but first let us get one thing straight. We are all creators whether we choose to be or not. Creatorship is part of who we are as spiritual beings playing in this physical universe. The definitive question is how can I create positive experience in my life more than negative experience?

The purpose of all creation is experience. 

My challenge is to become the kind of person I must be to have the diversity of experience I want; to be a person who naturally produces, deserves, achieves, and enjoys.

What I am really seeking behind the smoke screen of wonderful desires is to be a person who deserves such relationships and experiences.

I want to recognize myself as someone who is powerful enough to pursue my dreams until I experience them and wise enough to know these things do not define me, they simply deepen my self esteem and add to my experience of life.Wealth creation through the Law of Attraction
In my life I can embrace all the colors and shades of experience possible to feel happy, to love who I am and how I am.  I can do so because I live in a world of polarity.

If I do not know what it is to be alone, how will I ever fully appreciate how wondrous it is to be in a deep and close relationship?

If I have never suffered through an experience of helplessness, how will I ever glory in being powerful and a winner?

Life offers a whole spectrum of choices within the polarities of wisdom, power, worthiness and love.

Creatorship is intrinsic to self esteem. When I believe I can be, do and have whatever I set my sight upon, when I really and deeply know greatness is my destiny, limits recede and I step up and into my role as powerful creator in my life.

I can create negativity and powerlessness if I live afraid of standing up and claiming my power to will, to focus and to achieve. Or I can create my life as a light in the dark, as a beacon in a storm, knowing that the experiences I choose can be mine.

It’s all about energizing my vision. 

I can learn to get up when I fall down and to persevere and never give up. I can embrace challenges as opportunities to grow and expand my capacity to exceed the limits my self-belief has previously imposed.

I am standing in my creator power when I trust myself to be wise, strong, generous and loving, no matter what. When my attitude to life is open and all-embracing, without judging others or condemning them or myself, then synchronicities start to point me in the right direction for more success, expansion and happiness.

The law of attraction, a profound and inevitable universal law, will send me all the experiences in life that correspond to my vibration.

What is this vibration? 

That attractor energy that fuels all the myriad of choices I can make for my life and that flows at the level of my choices.

We all make negative choices at times. These are part of the polarity of human experience and they can become stepping stones of learning.

When I make more positive choices than negative ones, my life will begin to offer a vibration that attracts joy, success, self- appreciation and love.

Yes, I am a creator. We are all creators of our life. 

The question is, will I deliberately make choices that help me grow expand my being? This is our challenge in the game of life we are experiencing.

Create your life the way you want it and love yourself into being an amazing and joyful experiencer of your wonderful creations. You can do it!

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