Our Dimensional Shift

by Marie C. Barrett -
You will have heard about Ascension, that dimensional Shift that is taking place on our planet at this time. It has become exponential in growth over the past couple of decades in particular.

The New Age movement, rising dramatically toward the end of last century and sensing this approaching energetic Shift, inspired many to begin this leap in consciousness.

Those ready to embrace their inner urges for self-discovery, sensed change was necessary if we are all to evolve and function to our full potential.

A New Humanity

Without necessarily understanding what was afoot, New Agers readily embraced massive change, both within and externally, proving their willingness to grow and evolve from where we were then, to where we soon will be: in an awakened state of consciousness, ascended, transformed, a new humanity in a new world.
Scientists have been saying for decades that we only use ten per cent of our brain capacity and that on a good day!

So it stands to reason that if we have an extra ninety per cent capacity we cannot yet utilize, we must be in for a great awakening of some sort or else the Creator has made some gigantic stupid mistake. But there was no mistake. 

There is infinite potential in each and every one of us. 

The possibilities for our future evolution are boundless. 

Those feelings of knowing you can be and in fact are, far more than you allow others to see or maybe even allow yourself to believe, are about to experience the Shift, to burst into self revelation in confidence and authenticity.

You will know who you are and recognize your personal worth, your amazing capacity to manifest your reality with the power of your thoughts, and you will recognize the same in everyone else.
Even the animals and plants are vibrating at a higher rate. 

If you try, you will find you can connect to this nature energy and it will fill you with delight. Allow these moments to inspire you and increase your feelings of well being.

These inspirational feelings are little steps up the ladder of Ascension. Try walking at dawn or quietly watch the setting sun and savor the moment. The more often you feel happy, blissful or grateful, the more you are sculpting your future, our future, for your thoughts create your reality.

Create a future of bliss, of joy and of self-discovery.
In truth, you already do this.

You do create your present reality, your life circumstances and experiences through the power of your thoughts. We all do.

While we do this as individuals, we also create our reality as a species. 

My thoughts influence your thoughts. Your experience and feelings send your signature energy into the planetary energy grid that feeds our energy.

We are one, literally but experience our shared reality in this dimension as individuals, for our greater joy and delight.

True Self Discovery

In this time of the Shift, we are moving on from the confines of deep seated limiting beliefs, be they held within religions or societies, into the freedom of true self-discovery.

We no longer need to be told what to think or how to think. Millions are waking up to the fact that they have power over their thoughts and their lives.
Expansion of our individual consciousness is changing our mass consciousness. 

This is symptomatic of the Shift into greater awareness and creative power.

Creative Power

 We have discovered the Law of Attraction and other universal laws of creation.

Now we need to consciously and carefully hone our skills as we construct our present and future reality based on these immutable laws.
Look out for and welcome further indications of the Shift taking place within your own consciousness as well as the signs of change in society and on a global scale.

The greater number of people who become aware of these transforming changes, the more quickly we will reach the stage of critical mass, that fulcrum point which will elevate everyone into expanded consciousness and into our greater future reality.

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