Epigenetics – The Power of Belief

by Carol Lamb - 

We're often told that ‘we are what we eat’in fact we are what we think. 

DNA is the molecule holding the hereditary material in all living cells. Its discovery in 1953 provided genetic information of the 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs found in the nucleus of each cell. 

At conception we inherit one chromosome from mother and one from father, together they provide the blueprint for the developing child. 

The human Genome Project mapped the sequencing of the DNA molecule in 2003 and we were told that each of us is genetically programmed from birth, a product of the genes inherited from both parents. 

Genetic Programming

Since genetic material was fixed at birth and provides the blueprint it was then believed that genes instruct physiology, determining health or disease. 

This inevitably made us the product of our genes and effectively victims of genetic programming.

This information was derived from 4% of the millions of genes considered to be the building blocks of creation. 

Today mainstream science perpetuates this illusion, preferring to focus upon identifying faulty genes as the route to uncovering disease pathways. This generates ever increasing dependency on the pharmaceutical industry and research funding. 

While genetic research can estimate potential risk factors it leaves the medical profession with the limited options of medication, surgery or counselling. 

The ‘faulty gene’ syndrome places intolerable moral and ethical burdens on medical science, often take away life enhancing choices as to parenting.

Science as we know is only as great as its latest discovery and moves on…….


Epigenetics (epi meaning prior or before and genetics referring to the genes) is the new science which provides the keys to unlocking human potential by acknowledging something beyond the physical, the interface between spirit and matter. 

This is the bridge between science and spirituality, a marriage of neuro science, cellular biology and energy medicine. 

Emotional Responses

Consciousness originates as spirit, out pictured through the material world. Our thoughts originate from a non physical dimension, our perception is colored by emotional response which programs our actions. 

Candace Pert a neuro scientist discovered the ‘lock and key’ mechanism of receptors in the brain, concluding that molecules of emotion run every system in our body. 

She states that our emotional responses trigger a physiological chain reaction for better or worse, creating a body mind intelligence ‘that is wise enough to seek wellness’. Her findings led her to become a pillar of alternative health care.

Thought Processes

Bruce Lipton a cellular biologist demonstrated that our genes are in fact instructed by the commands which we send to them. 

In ways that science does not yet understand our thought process govern genetic switches, sending the commands to turn the switches on or off; this in turn sets up a chain reaction of physiological response through the metabolic processes. 

This is the means by which the 50 trillion cells of the body are programmed. Since the cell is the single unit of life which sustains the body in optimum health such groundbreaking discoveries have overturned previous scientific theory. 

Our thoughts are initially programmed by our belief system we can therefore see the importance of changing old, negative beliefs which no longer serve us. 

Unless the thoughts are reprogrammed to command the cells positively, they will respond to the old negative thought process and will replicate a negative pattern based on former beliefs. This is the principle behind dis order and dis ease.

How to change the belief system which no longer promotes health and healing. 

Memory is the key to belief for it is personal experience which shapes and defines us. 

We must continually review our beliefs, retaining them only if they meet the strictest criteria. 
  • Where did the belief arise? 
  • Is it your belief or someone elses; parent, partner, friend? 
  • Does it serve your highest good? 
  • Does it blame or shame you or another? 
  • Is it bound up in a contradictory religious or spiritual movement? Does it afford you good company?

Our beliefs are reinforced by others. 

If a child is continually told it is stupid it will grow up to believe it. The woman unable to leave the abusive partner first learned not to expect more. 

The man who feels himself chained to a job he loathes in order to fulfill his role as husband and father will eventually become ill. 

Entrapped by negative beliefs we continue, living lives ‘of quiet desperation’ our cells programmed to replenish and repeat the pattern. 

When we are no longer willing to accept the limitation imposed by ourselves and others we awaken to possibilities to find that life conspires to bring us everything we need to exceed our wildest expectations.

The body is often likened to a universe. 

Here we stand, masters of our own universe free to command armies of cells which will follow our orders without question.This is either the most freeing or the most terrifying prospect imaginable since it places personal responsibility in our own hands. 

Humanity stands on the threshold of a new Age of Enlightenment or impending disaster through individual choice.

As we reconnect with ancient knowledge and wisdom and embrace quantum science we see that their message is the same. 

We reside in an ocean of vibrational frequency in a holographic universe. Our potential is limited only by our capacity to understand and this in turn is dependent upon freeing ourselves from the prison of past limited perceptions.

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