15 Simple Ways to Increase Happiness

by Melody Larson -

Can’t remember the last time you felt truly happy with yourself and with life? It seems like as soon as we get past our childhood years, we begin training ourselves how to be unhappy rather than hanging on to the natural state of happiness and joy that is our birthright. 

We think we’re going to increase our sense of happiness through the external world around us – a great relationship, the ideal job, a lovely home, the perfect body – but the truth is that happiness really is an inside job.

With all the self-training we do to live our lives as stressed, worried, fearful and dissatisfied beings, we could all use some simple methods to retrain our brains back to our natural state again, which is one of happiness and being totally focused and at peace in the moment.

Here are 15 simple techniques to get your brain back on track and increase your inherent sense of happiness:
1. Silently practice daily I AM mantras: “I am naturally happy.”  “I am naturally a happy person.” 
2. Give your ego its own voice, so you can hear it as someone clearly separate from the True You. Then, counter any of its negative chatter with, “That’s what you believe, ego, but I’m not you.” For example (TMI), I gave mine a really obnoxious male British accent. 
3. Change your movie previews – if ego paints a negative outcome or expectation regarding something in your future, change the preview to one that is more uplifting and positive. 
4. Meditate daily, simply focusing on your breathing, for at least 10 minutes. 
5. Claim your greatness: “I am the greatest _____!”, “I am the best____!” 
6. Smile deliberately for at least 1 minute to flip the happy switch. Alternatively, try a daily silent ‘smiling’ meditation. 
7. Eat real, nutrient-dense food. Give up junk and processed foods. Eat foods in their natural, whole forms and be sure to go organic. 
8. Exercise regularly. Even just a 10 minute daily walk will do wonders for your state of happiness. 
9. Get enough sleep each and every night. 
10. Help someone else. Even better, try committing anonymous acts of kindness. 
11. Clear out clutter and organize your space. 
12. Keep a gratitude journal and write at least 5 things in it each day. 
13. Stop watching/reading/listening to the news as well as violence-based entertainment. 
14. Don’t hang out with highly negative people and people trapped in drama. 
15. Stop complaining and start appreciating.

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