Understanding Your Sixth Sense

Lynn Claridge -

Learning how to use your sixth sense, allows you to have contact with spirit and loved ones. Understanding your sixth sense is better known as intuition or insight.

The sixth sense is better known as intuition or insight. No one can explain where the sixth sense comes from. Researchers believe that you all have a recall button in a part of your brain.

You use your sixth sense in everyday life. Some people choose to believe it and some just like to find logical explanations for it. If you trust your sixth sense, you can totally change your outlook on life and people. It allows you to make accurate decisions in more situations and you feel good about the decisions you make.

Here are some tips about the sixth sense.
  • If you regard yourself as a very analytical person, you can still enhance your intuition.
  • Do not dismiss any insight you have about people or events.
  • If you feel that there is danger trust your intuition.

Start to identify with your inner voice.

When you are finding it hard explaining something that is troubling you listen to your inner voice.

If one of your senses is right, enjoy the feeling.

Test your sixth sense. Play some harmless games. For instance, you could imagine that the doorbell is going to ring and you know who it is.

It is not true to say that psychic sensitivity is a special formula and that only a few are privileged to receive it. Everyone has the chance to experience his or her senses; these are around you all day, and every day.

Your main five senses are made up of Taste, Touch, Smell, Sound and Sight because these senses are automatic you take them for granted.

A psychic has the ability to use a sixth sense that can see life differently. You see full vivid color and that life is full of meaning. Remember; take your senses to the limit. 

Try to focus on everyday things around you and write down your results in your journal. Keep an eye on what gets your reactions going. Whether being excited, frightened, curious, aroused or being inspired. Write your observations in your journal.

Below are the five senses. 

Take one sense per day. This will help you to become more aware. See how things around you become special and try not to ignore them in the future.


When you wake in the morning, tell yourself aloud - “Today I am going to be aware of my vision”.

At the start of the day look at everything as it really is, not what you want to think it is. Look at things as if you are looking through new eyes. Try not to spend time glaring just look. By doing this you will find you are more visual.


From the moment you wake up say aloud - Today I am going to see how many different smells are in the world”.

From the time you wake until the time you go to bed write down how many different smells you notice. Once you take note of these smells, you will get your psychic antennae working. You will be very surprised how many smells you have never taken notice of before.


From the time you awake say aloud - “Today I am going to listen to the sounds of the world”.

You will be surprised to know how many sounds we block out each day. Throughout the day, try to focus on different sounds. Take note of how the different sounds make you feel. Do you feel relaxed, calm, positive or negative?


In the morning look at yourself in a mirror and say aloud - “Today I will feel the touch of different things”

As you go about your everyday activities touch every item you come into contact with. Make a note in your journal about what sensations each item gave you.


In the morning look at yourself in a mirror and say aloud - “Today I will pay close attention to taste”

Start the day from the moment you get out of bed. Notice your toothpaste, mouthwash or your lipstick. When you place anything into your mouth chew slowly and throughout the day consider the different flavors you experience.

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